Italian producer of organic and certified chesees from raw cows milk is looking for distribution services agreements

An Italian firm, specialized in high quality organic cheese from raw cows milk such as spun pastes, raw pastes , semi cooked and soft pastes is interested in building up a wider network of distributors of foodstuffs, food shops and stores. A distribution services agreement is sought.
This Italian company is based on the passion towards the dairy farming and the production of healthy and wholesome chesees. It is based in Sicily, in the middle of Madonie Regional Park, and it raises about 100 free cows to graze, following the principles of organic farming. For the animals, biodynamic farming offers many benefits: since they live free in an areas that are appropriate to the nature, free-range cows eat better and thus produce milk that is naturally better. The cows feed on local fodder and hay integrated with faba bean mixed and organic barley. For this reasons some of the products are part of Slow Food Presidia since 2004. The company continued the traditions of Sicilian cheesses, well known and appreciated all over the world for their specific and highly valued taste. The high quality of the finished products is based on continuous improvements, total control at every stage of the manufacturing process and full implementation of national and european rules and regulations. The list of dairy products includes: 1. Provola delle Madonie or Caciocavallo: made from raw cow milk, rennet and salt, this is a typical spun paste cheese in Sicily. It can be fresh, matured or smoked; 2. Scamorza: made from raw cow milk, lactic ferment, rennet and salt, this is a spun paste pear shaped. It can be natural or smoked (the smoking process is from wood burning); 3. Primo sale – red or black Pepatina: twice cooked paste cheese, it can be eaten after a very brief ripening or matured; 4. Caciotta Madonita: is a raw paste cheese produced from raw cow milk, rennet, salt and flavourings (usually lemon or orange); 5. Ricotta stagionata grattina: matured ricotta cheese, made from cow milk, whey and salt. The company is already engaged in international cooperation exporting in Holland, Denmark, France. The desired cooperation is long-term distribution services agreement. The appreciation of products by consumers of several countries in Europe is the main reason that pushes the company to expand its markets. The company is interested to expand international cooperation and introduce their products to new foreign markets, through a distribution services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company intends to establish a long-term distribution agreement with distributors. The distributors will have experience in selling fresh products for restaurants, catering companies, food stores as well as large retailers. The company wants to expand its business into the European market after the experience of success of its product in some of the European markets like Holland, Germany and France.
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Already on the market
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