A Japanese company is looking for commercial agents and distributors for their certified organic tea in the EU

A newly established Japanese company involved in the production of organic green tea is looking for commercial agents and distributors in all EU countries. The company produces eight original green tea blends which are mixed with herbs. The mixing of green tea with herbs is rare in the Japanese green tea industry. They want to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership with EU partners under a distribution services or a commercial agency agreement.
A Japanese company founded in 2018 recently launched their own tea brand in January 2019. The company is owned by a young female entrepreneur with an international background having completed her studies in France and Italy. Her aim is to expand the joy of Japanese green tea to the world. As a result of her experience living in European countries, the owner has gained a good awareness of the savvy taste of Western customers. The product packaging caters to this taste with kimono patterns printed on traditional Japanese 'washi' paper. The tea consists of loose leaf in a tin can container (6.6cm x 6.6cm x 10.3cm) which helps prevent the effects of moisture. They provide 8 original blends of certified organic Japanese tea. These are traditional Japanese teas such as Sencha and Hojicha, mixed with a variety of herbs such as rosemary and other ingredients such as orange peels. The company is planning more collaborations in the health industry such as with yoga studios and sport gyms. They also plan to be a part of healthy food seminars and digital health recording applications. They mainly target women in their 30s who are health conscious and enjoy urban life who are keen to experience different cultures by trying new products. The Japanese company is seeking business partners with existing sales’ networks within the EU market in the frame of a distribution services or commercial agency agreement. Through the cooperation the Japanese company would like to enter new markets in the EU, creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the EU partner. The Japanese company can offer to potential partners to provide relevant merchandising material in English.
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The Japanese company seeks importers and distributors in all EU countries, preferably partners that have already established sales' networks to targeted end users such as tea lovers, food retailers, department stores, organic product shops etc. The ideal partner should have experience in importing Japanese food and organic products since this is the first time for the Japanese company to export their products. Ideal partners should be able to take over sales, promotion, and distribution of the company their tea brand in each country or region.
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