A Japanese company specialized in designing and manufacturing induction heated roll for use in high-precision industries is seeking a sales agent in the United Kingdom

A Japanese producer of induction heated roles is looking for a sales agent in the United Kingdom, as their current sales agent is planning to retire. The company is a leader in their respective field, and has innovated the manufacturing of induction-heated rolls. They are looking for an agent that can provide after-sales support to the companies’ local clientele, and also create new partners. This will be in the form of a commercial agency agreement.
This Japanese manufacturer of induction heated rolls is looking to recruit a sales agent in the United Kingdom. Their current sales agent is nearing retirement and therefore the company is looking for a partner with relevant experience as a replacement. The company produce high-performance rolls for a variety of thermal processes including: laminating, coating, calendering, thermal drawing, and heat setting. The company continually solves new challenges, drawing on a combination of advanced electromagnetic-induction technology and extensive know-how in machinery, electrical, electronic, and control technologies. They provide customers around the world with their expert technical support and serve as partners in developing new products and technologies. Since the company custom design all rolls to match the customers’ specific needs, their offerings result in greater productivity and efficiency for the end-customers. They have had a sales office in the EU for over 25 years, and it is currently located in Milan, Italy. Currently, they serve their end-users with local sales agents in Italy, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The company is looking for a partner under a commercial agency agreement that can take over the after-sales support of the current agent in the United Kingdom, and help the Japanese company further develop their market presence there.
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The company is looking for a new sales agent in the United Kingdom since the current sales agent plans to retire. The company expects the new sales agent to provide the existing local end users with after sales support. In addition, the company expects the sales agent to develop new end users in the United Kingdom on a sales agent commission basis. The company will provide the sales agent with financial and human resource support to participate in local trade shows for promotion. They will also provide the sales agent and end users with technical information and training programmes either in the United Kingdom or in Japan. The company expects the sales agent to send them feedback on ongoing inquiries and demands with regards to the offered products and services, both from new (prospective) end users and existing ones.
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