Japanese manufacturer of ecologically friendly containers and packaging seeks commercial agents and distributors in the EU

A Japanese producer of a large variety of ecological plant-derived containers for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, reagents and health foods wants to establish distribution services and commercial agency agreements in the EU. The company already has strong international partnerships all over the world, but is looking to expand their market share in the EU. They are dedicated to outstanding safety and quality control for their products, and wish to proactively work with EU partners.
This Japanese company founded in 1980 has been supplying their ecologically friendly packages to their Japanese domestic market for almost 50 years. Currently, the company has supplied their products to more than 2,000 companies domestically. They aim to be the one-stop store for containers, providing products for a wide range of industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, reagents, and health foods. Not only do they already boast the largest domestic line-up of original products in the industry, but they are also constantly developing new containers. Their network of collaborating factories gives them a wide-ranging capacity to deal with a variety of products. They also have an in-house network for monitoring every process, and they are responsible for every stage up to final inspection, enabling them to supply safe, high-quality products. They have adopted a manufacturing system whereby forming and processing is carried out at the most appropriate collaborating factory for each individual product. This allows them to handle the production of a broad range of products. For this reason, they have an excellent track record in supplying end-users with only high-quality, highly safe products that have cleared every test. The company offers a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 3,000 pieces, and is flexible in adjusting to specific production requests from customers. They would like to engage in either a distribution services or commercial agency agreement with potential EU partners. The Japanese company already has extensive experience with international partnerships, for example they have long-term partners in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea, New Zealand, and in an ever-increasing number of other countries. Increasing their market share in the European Union is an important next step in their international expansion. Their main commodities for export are various type of plastic bottles, jars, tubes for cosmetic use. The Japanese company is able to support potential partners in the form of dispatching staff to Europe, but also by arranging pop labels. They are also willing to send samples and other materials to help provide information when partners participate in exhibitions and for other promotional activities.
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The company is looking for international cooperation with EU partners under distribution services and commercial agency agreements. They are searching for partners who are involved in or have connections to producers of packaging and buyers of packages. They are mainly searching for partners who have a sales network in the cosmetics market as this is their primary target, however partners could also have links within the chemical, pharma, and health foods sectors.
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