Japanese manufacturer of magnesium made canes and quad canes is seeking distribution partners and sales agents in the EU

A Japanese company with expertise in the production of magnesium made assistive devices is seeking partners in the EU for their final products such as canes and quad canes. Magnesium is notorious for its toughness, but through expertise and skill the Japanese company managed to succeed in manipulating it. They are looking to engage in distribution services and commercial agency agreements to help expand the market share of their end-products in the EU.
A Japanese company founded in 2010 in Shizuoka prefecture is looking to bring their expertise in working with magnesium to the EU. They are capable of manufacturing a variety of assistive devices and their components using magnesium, and are looking for partners in the EU to establish a market presence there. Their offered products consist of walking canes, quad canes, and a frame for wheelchairs made of magnesium alloy. Magnesium is one of the lightest metals available in the world and therefore matches well with assistive devices. Although magnesium is notorious for its toughness and being hard to bend and weld, the Japanese company has acquired the necessary expertise and technological ability to make skillful manipulation of its form and shape possible. The Japanese companies’ final products can be sold as an original brand cane. The products are aimed at the high end market where there is demand for factors such as a unique design, colour, function, light weight, and high durability. They are also capable of customizing the products based on the wishes of EU customers. In their domestic market they sell their products through e-commerce channels, via a partner agent company, and through collaborative production. With this background the Japanese company would like to engage with EU partners in distribution services and commercial agency agreements. In order to support the EU partner, the Japanese company is willing to provide assistance in a number of areas. For example, they can provide information on how their products are made and also provide explanatory materials in English. They are also willing to send staff to international exhibitions for hands-on support. As the Japanese company has little international experience, they would like to work pro-actively with potential partners to ensure a fruitful collaboration. So far they had a positive experience selling their final products to a French partner.
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The Japanese company is looking for distributors and commercial agents who are willing to help them access the EU market while providing the company with advice and feedback from customers to adapt their product to the local market needs. These partners should have strong connections to e-commerce or retail outlets that specialize in or stock assistive devices such as department stores and assistive device specialty stores.
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