A Japanese manufacturer of wearable protective equipment is looking to bring their packable boots to the EU under a distribution agreement

A Japanese company with many years of experience in protective equipment wants to introduce their packable boots to the EU market. The foldable boots are easy to carry and therefore suited for a large variety of applications, from the outdoor field to urban trekkers looking for portable rainproof solutions. They want to engage in a distribution services agreement and are keen to have long-term collaborations with potential EU partners.
This Japanese company founded in 1942 is looking for partners in the EU to distribute their packable boots. The company produces a variety of wearable protective equipment products, also including garden gloves. The company already has introduced several of their products to foreign markets, and are now looking to bring a different product in their portfolio to the EU. These easy to carry boots are aimed at the outdoor field. Originally designed for usage in the wet environment of Japanese rice paddies, the boots have since evolved to be used for a large variety of different purposes. For example, in their domestic market the company has a successful collaboration with a well-known Japanese bird-watching organisation for which they produce original brand boots. These boots are not only popular in bird-watching circles, but also with festival-goers and travelers. Outside of their domestic market, the company has distributors in a number of foreign markets including Europe for their other product lines. The company has exported products in the personal protective equipment market for more than 30 years. The company also exhibits at a trade show focused on personal protective equipment once or twice per year in Europe. The company produces boots in EU sizes ranging from 35.5 to 44, however production of larger sizes is possible where there is demand. The company is now ready to take their boots to the EU market under a distribution services agreement. Once a potential partnership proceeds smoothly, it might be possible to produce an original and localized design in collaboration with the EU partner. Furthermore, the Japanese company can also provide sales training to the EU partner and dispatch staff to accompany the EU company in their sales and at exhibitions.
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The company is seeking distributors that are of small to medium size. They have a particular interest in collaborating with public organisations that are interested in selling the boots through their retail channels, either under a private label or the Japanese companies’ brand. Examples include bird-watching societies, environmental preservation, and outdoor activity organisations. For other distribution partners, the preference is for them to have experience in the outdoor or rainwear products’ industry, and have a network to introduce the Japanese companies’ products to retail outlets such as gift-shops department stores, and outdoor apparel stores.
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