Jordanian company for dead sea products seeking research cooperation agreement to develop a skin care product

A Jordanian Company established in 1997, specialized in the extraction and distribution of spa elements from the Dead Sea on the Jordanian side,is the sole provider of its raw materials (baths salts, mud, and brine) for the cosmetics industry. Additionally, Dead Sea skin care products are produced by the company. The company is looking for partners through a research cooperation agreement to develop their skin care products from a liquid form to a gel form.
A Jordanian company headed by its board of directors and owned by one of the Potash companies . The company was established in 1997 with a capital of $2 million USD by the Potash company which is ranked the fifth worldwide for the production and sale of potash fertilizers is seeking research cooperation opportunity for developing its products to a more easy-use forms. The company is responsible of extracting and utilizing the resources of the Dead Sea on behalf of the Potash company. Located on the virgin-untapped shores of the Dead Sea, about 20,000 tons of mixed salts and 5,000 tons of Dead Sea Mud are being produced by them per year. It became the sole providers of Dead Sea raw materials for the cosmetics industry worldwide by being one of two companies worldwide that control the extraction of spa elements from the Dead Sea, which makes company's quite unique. To mention a few of the vital minerals their Dead Sea products contain: magnesium, bromine, sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, and Zinc. These elements relieve skin disorder symptoms and increase well-being by working in harmony. A hot bath with dissolved Dead Sea Salt has incredible therapeutic effects on skin ailments, relieves muscle tension thus relaxing body and soul. Dead Sea mud is a stimulating product for the whole body; energizes blood circulation and relieves painful joints. It is excellent for softening dry skin and scalp. Quality industrial services such as: screening, bagging, and container loading for salt, fertilizers, minerals, and additional materials are provided to clients by the company . Their screening and grading services accommodate salts, potash, fertilizers, powders, and other materials within this category. A variety of materials, sizes, and bagging options are accommodated by their facilities. As for the container loading services, qualified systems that guarantee efficient loading at the highest performance using a fully computerized system are used by them. Containers with bulk materials of granules, salts, potash, minerals, fertilizers, and other similar materials are filled by them. As beginners in the R&D,the company has a humble staff in which it is looking for partners with highly skilled researchers and trainers to transfer the knowledge, to intensively train the Jordanian staff and develop the new R&D department in the company so it can compete internationally in the short term. This partnership is seek to be a research cooperation agreements since the company is currently erecting a comprehensive plant, with new production equipment, and research & development labs, in order to develop new, innovative Dead Sea products, which will reflect positively on the company and on Jordan in general is in dire need by the company. Additionally, enhancing local expertise when exposed to internationally renowned research centers, for developing new products and commercializing.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Partner with a leading research and development history, that has a highly skilled R&D staff, technically competent personnel, working in a modern, well-equipped laboratory, dedicated to develop their products is seek by the company. Experienced in all facets of product research, formulation of complex multi-component products, technology transfer issues, that can adapt or reproduce established formulas.
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Partners should have an experience with cosmetics and the latest developments in the relevant field.
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Recently it has been discovered that many people have a deficiency in Magnesium. Since the Dead Sea brine is rich in magnesium; it can be used transdermally on the skin giving the best results. But to apply it in its liquid form is not very practical, hence developing it and marketing it in gel form is aimed.
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