Jordanian producer of coffee and specialty food products seeks partners in Europe

A Jordanian company is specialized in manufacturing a types of high quality healthy coffee such as date seed and barley coffee in addition to special food products such as soups and spices. The company is interested to expand its export to other markets and cooperate with European partners through commercial agency, distribution agreements and manufacturing agreement..
A Jordanian company established in year 2014 to be a leader in manufacturing different types of high quality healthy coffee such as: date seed coffee, barley coffee in addition to special food products such as soups and spices. After an extremely positive start in the Jordanian market, the company has gown up to export to several Arab countries. Furthermore, in year 2016 the company signed a commercial agency agreement with an agent in USA. The company is interested to expand export to the European countries through dealing with partners based on commercial agency agreement , distribution agreement and manufacturing agreement.. - The company offers a wide range of high quality products such as: 1. Date seed coffee: date seeds is chosen from the best type of Jordanian dates, the seeds are washed by special machines, then this process is repeated more than one time, after that it will be dried by natural and secure methods to prepare it for roasting and then milling it to get a tasty coffee. The date seed coffee has many benefits such as: -General tonic for the body by high metal, therefore it is a source for people who suffer from lack of metals. -Strengthens the pancreas gland & helping the secreting of insulin (useful for diabetes patients) -Free from caffeine, lead, flavorings, dyes and from the preservatives. -Contribute to clean up the body from the kidney stone & urethral stone. -Helps to dissolve fats & reduce the rumen. -Full of fibers and ideal for colon patients. -Relieve heartburn, stomach acidity and reduce cholesterol. -Suitable for pregnant women and increasing the milk of breast-feeding. 2. Barley coffee: It’s pure barley 100% of water without additives or dyes. Barley Coffee has many benefits such as: -Strengthening the immune system (Beta-Glucan). -One of the barley elements is to activate the white blood cells and it’s important for the immune system mechanisms to protect the body from diseases & disposal of poisons also accelerates helping up the damaged tissues. -It contains potassium which balances both the water and salt in the body. -It regulates the absorption of (glucose) sugar in the blood. -Helps to dispose the sedimentations from the genital system, urethra stone & kidney without feeling in pain -Contains high percentage of potassium which helps to regulate the salts of the body and treat the high pressure. 3. Soups (Soup of barley flour with bran ) These special soups have many benefits such as: • Sedative for nervous tension. • Activities liver • Anti- constipation. • Remedy general weakness. • Useful for slow growth in children. • Activities memory. • Reduce cholesterol. • Containing tryptophan material which helps to overcome insomnia. • Generating lactating milk. • Treatment for depression. 4. Spices: (different types of spices) - Spices of dried vegetables: Containing organic vegetables which have been selected accurately, a little of salt, olive oil and oats. it's natural without preservatives and fats and they are used with soaps, barbecue and other cooks. - Spice mix (strong): Prepared by the finest types of cardamom, saffron, ginger and cloves. They are used with chicken, can be added to cakes to give a better taste and they are free from preservatives, also they are natural 100%.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for European agents and distributors in order to sell its products to wholesalers, supermarkets, gourmet shops and trading companies. Also, the company is interested to cooperate with European partners based on manufacturing agreements.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Trade Marks
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