A Korean company in the information security/authentication industry is seeking for an European business partner for its biometric signature authentication and other products in license agreement and others

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A Korean company specialized in server security and authentication solutions wish to expand their overseas markets through license agreement, technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company's 3 main business areas are server security solution, identity and access management (IAM) solution, and biometric signature authentication solution. Any organization in need of such a solution for authentication and defense from cyber-attacks can be a potential client.
The company was established in 2000 to provide a total solution for information security. The company developed Korea’s first Secure OS solution at its establishment. The company's three main business areas are 1) server security solution, 2) identity and access management (IAM) solution, and 3) biometric signature authentication. Based on the company’s core competencies as stated above, the company wishes to expand its business to Europe under technical cooperation and license agreements as well as a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Companies in any field requiring these solutions are welcomed for cooperation. The specifications of each solution of the company focuses on are as follows: 1) Server security solution: This is an anti-hacking solution that integrates security functions into the existing operating system to protect servers from illegal intruders’ (hackers and unauthorized users) attacks such as data leakage, forging files through digital sign-based strong user authentication and various access control policies. - The solution has proven its qualified technology by acquiring various quality certifications. It has maintained the top domestic market share in public, defense, finance, and enterprise sectors in Korea - The company registered international patent for the product in Korea, USA, Japan, China, and Australia. The company has experience of export. - Full support for general OS environments such as AIX (advanced interactive executive), HP-UX (Hewlett Packard Unix), Solaris, Linux, and Windows- cloud environment support such as Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) and virtualization environment support are also available - Security administrator can efficiently perform security policy management, monitoring and log management via web-based console 2) Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution: The solution provides user identification and account management through multi-factor authentication. It allows efficient internal control of the system by enabling access control, user activity audit, command control, and privilege delegation. - The product analyzes security incidents and faults through auditing and monitoring system user’s actions - Security incidents are prevented through danger command control and privileged account authority delegation - The product is Korea’s first and only server security and integrated management function - The product eliminates management burden by user portal linked with workflow - Cloud and virtualized environments such as On-premise and Amazon AWS are supported 3) Biometric authentication solution : It is a state-of-art FinTech (Financial + Technology) authentication solution that authenticates by recognizing specific behavioral feature information of the user's signature process on the mobile terminal. - 4 patents of the solution’s core technology is granted in Korea and 2 patents are in progress (Patent Cooperation Treaty is to be applied in foreign countries such as USA, Japan, China, etc.) - Application fields: Online banking, mobile payment, electronic document approval, etc. While technology and information advancement allowed an easy access to numerous information, this also exposed the users to counterfeit documents and risks for hacking. In this respect, the offered solution of Korean company is in high need in all fields requiring digital signing and authentication. The Korean company expects to expand its overseas markets through technical cooperation under license agreement, technical cooperation agreement, and commercial agreement with technical assistance. Through these cooperation types, with the partner is expected to 1) increase profits by creating new markets, 2) secure competitiveness in global FinTech and user authentication market, and 3) co-develop and establish global standard integrated platform.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partner sought : Companies, public institutions, private institutions which deals with personal information - Specific area of activity of the partner : Government procurement market agency, IT (System Integration, cyber security, FinTech), finance (bank), any companies and institutions in need of user authentication services. - Task to be performed : Local supply and distribution, technology exchange, R&D cooperation for product localization, and investment partnership.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted
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Both domestic and international patents granted
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