A Korean manufacturer of PNA (Peptide Nucleic Acid) technology-based mutation detection kits and oncology molecular diagnostic kits is seeking distribution opportunities to expand its market abroad

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A Korean SME has managed to dominate the domestic market since 2012 by covering a majority market share of oncology molecular diagnostic and mutation detection parts with its cutting-edge platform technology based on PNA, Peptide Nucleic Acid. The company is seeking distributors or manufacturers capable of conducting promotion and sales for the products under a distribution service agreement.
With the cutting-edge platform technology, the Korean SME has been leading the molecular diagnostics market in Korea since 2013, based on PNA, Peptide Nucleic Acid. The company has expertise especially in cancer-related molecular diagnostics including companion diagnostics using tissue or liquid biopsy. PNA is an artificial DNA, or DNA/RNA analogue, which can be used to various applications and it has high potential to be applied as new therapeutics material, especially for oncology molecular diagnosis and mutation detection. The SME possesses PNA-based production technology for mass production of high quality PNA products. The company has already obtained 14 patents in 9 countries and secured the rights to supply PNA for commercial use. In 2007, the company started the business for producing and selling genetic diagnostic chips and currently they make and sell genetic mutation detection kit. Its advanced technology provides not only high level of detection, but also simple and convenient procedure to be used easily in the front-line hospitals and clinical laboratories. The company has been developing and launching accurate and convenient in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products consistently while making efforts to meet global standards and appropriate regulations for IVD products. By meeting the standards, the company made a great success in the molecular diagnostics market covering majority of the domestic market share for lung, colon, thyroid cancer. The company believes that results of their efforts to produce IVD products will greatly contribute to improve human healthcare in the future. In addition, the company has developed a diagnostic kit which is the world’s first TERT (Telomerase reverse transcriptase) diagnostic kit. Previously, TERT was difficult to be applied to actual clinical field even if TERT is the most accurate indicator of the risk of recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer. However, by using the proprietary features and advantages of PNA-based technology, the Korean SME has overcome the problem clearly. To conclude, the Korean company specialized in the production of mutation detection kit and oncology diagnostic kits with patented PNA-based molecular diagnostics technology is looking for global partners available to directly distribute their products based on active marketing activities in local market to reach out to as many international customers as possible under the distribution service agreement.
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The potential partners, such as distributor, lab or company specialized in healthcare and trading area, are expected to be act as a representative of manufacturer able to directly distribute the products in local based on active marketing activities under distribution services agreement.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted,Trade Marks
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