Korean producer of sugar-free jam is seeking agents and distributors

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A Korean company makes healthy and delicious fruit jam using natural grain-derived sugar, without adding granulated sugar, preservatives, and other food additives. Currently, it produces six kinds of fruit jams that are good to be eaten by all generations and types of customers - children, pregnant women, and others looking for safe food. The company is seeking business partnerships under a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.
A company located in Goheung, Korea, made healthy and delicious jam with natural grain sugar. Founded in 2013, the CEO of the company developed natural grain sugar by studying healthy sweet taste for his daughter suffering from atopic dermatitis. He developed a natural grain sugar that can replace sugar by processing grains in traditional fermentation methods without adding food additives such as sugar cane and preservatives. And using natural grain sugar, he made sugar-free jam for everyone to eat safely and healthily. Natural grain sugar has a sweet taste. However, unlike sugar, it is evaluated as a safe food ingredient for children sensitive to atopy. Currently, they produced the sugar-free jam for school meals, and the company uses raw materials produced on land that has received organic certification through contract cultivation. This product has been certified for its technology and quality, including HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification and traditional-food certification in Korea. The jam has higher fruit content than other products to ensure a more colorful taste of the fruit jam. They produce six kinds of jam with sweet potato, fig, yuja (*yuja: yuzu is a citrus fruit and plant in the family rutaceae of east asian origin), strawberry, grape, and blueberry. Also, this company has its production plant, and it can produce 5,000 jams a day. This Korean company is looking for health food distributors for cooperation under distribution services and commercial agency agreements to secure sales and distribution channels in Europe
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- Type of partner sought: distributor /importer of organic/natural nutrition supplement - Specific area of activity of the partner: Organic Substances / Health Foods - Task to be performed: distribution service / commercial agency Distributor is expected to order a certain amount of Jam products and keep them safely in its storage. Their obligations include marketing and sales activities in the local market. The distributor can sell the products via an online platform or grocery store inside the shopping mall and department store.
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