Korea’s leading optical fiber manufacturer is looking for partners to transfer its ultra-small Bluetooth spectroscopy technology under license agreement for commercialization of this technology

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The company is a manufacturer specializing in optical cables, optical components, and optical sensors. Recently, they have developed a technology that can reduce the size and cost of a spectroscope. Small spectrometers are enabling a wide range of applications, including precision agriculture, consumer food testing, and many more. The company is looking for partners who wish to collaborate under the license agreement.
The market for portable spectrometers is steadily growing as optical spectrometers, which used to be only available in laboratories, are now easy to perform on-site and are applied to various fields such as food, medicine, and beauty. In this regard, Korea’s leading optical fiber company has developed a small spectroscope that works wirelessly on smartphones using a flat waveguide. The company built its flat waveguide based on its own silica optical particle technology. In particular, they succeeded in making its silicon semiconductor process technology the core part of the spectroscope 'ultra-fine nano diffraction grid' that had been dependent on imports. Flat spectrometers are smaller than conventional bulk spectrometers but have the same characteristics and can be used for more than 100 hours when the built-in battery is charged once. The size (waveguide design) of flat spectrometer is 5mm x 4mm and has resolution of 9~12 nm. On the other hand, this Korean company's product has 2D Waveguide structure which means product minimization is possible and since they can produce components like the mirror, grating and fiber block, mass production and low pricing is all possible. The conventional product made by other competitors has the following features. - different optical components are assembled into a product - difficult to minimize the product - difficult to mass-produce - Price competitiveness is not superior Not only can we monitor water quality and air quality through the small spectrometers, but we can also measure the properties of the spectrophotometer to check the sugar level, freshness, contamination, and authenticity of the medicine and medical supplies. [ manufacturing technology] • Optical system and diffraction grating optical design through a self-developed program • 2” Quartz / D263 glass wafer Fabrication of laminated flat waveguide structure optical system • Fabrication of silicon diffraction grid using KrF scanner capable of implementing 250nm line width • Fabrication of curved mirrors with the roughness of 10 nm or less using its own surface polishing equipment • 128~2496ch Si PD Array, 256ch InGaAs PDA integration and micro PCBA circuit design and fabrication • PC GUI / Smart Phone APP (Connection of Bluetooth Module) for Optical Spectrum Analysis Also, they have recently developed ultra-small spectrometry that can be applied to wearable devices (smartphones and smartwatches) to be used in various healthcare fields. And it can be widely applied to various consumer applications such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and environmental testing. The company is looking for partners who want to create innovative products using ultra-small spectroscopy technology through a license agreement.
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- Type of partner sought: Companies - Specific area of activity of the partner: Consumer electronics manufacturing - Task to be performed: Development and commercialization of new product
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