A Kosovar producer of wines and spirits is seeking agents and distributors

A Kosovar company specialized in the production of wines and spirits made from local grapes, is looking for partners under commercial agency as well as distribution services agreements. It is seeking agents and/or distributors from Europe and beyond in order to represent and/or sell its products in their countries.
The Kosovar company is a family winery with a tradition between generations, assumed to have about 5 generations ago. While licensed in 2008, With its capacity of about 50,000 liters per year. Produces a total of 5 types of wines: Vranaç, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Reserve, Chardonnay and Riesling, and 2 types of recruitment: Honey-flavored Grape Brandy and Grape Brandy seasoned over 5 years in oak power. The Kosovar company is known for its 100% organic and bio and cheap handicraft drinks company. The winery counts about 60 international and local medals in the quality of products. Due to the company’s interest in entering to new markets, it is seeking potential partners in the framework of commercial agency and distribution services agreements. It is looking for agents and/or distributors in Europe and beyond in order to promote and/or sell its products (wines and spirits) in their respective countries. Potential partners should be retail shops, chains of supermarkets, and other trading companies that supply hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.
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Potential business partners could be trading companies such as importers/ distributors/wholesalers of wine and spirit products supplying hotels, restaurants, cafes with such kind of products.The cooperation will be under distribution agreement. Also the company is seeking for agents for commercial agency agreements.Possible partners (retail shops, or chains of supermarkets, or wine shops/cellars) should have an excellent knowledge and experience in promoting and distributing wine and spirits. They should have also well-organized sales networks and good clienteles. They should be trustworthy companies with intention of long-term business cooperation. Trans-national co-operation experience of the potential partners is preferred.
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Already on the market
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