A leading biotech Korean company specialized in producing high-quality diagnostic kit for COVID-19 seeks for global partners

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The Korean company specializing in multiplex molecular diagnostics with the aim of completing localization of genetic technology is offering a COVID-19 diagnostic kit. The kit is based on real-time PCR method which features high sensitivity and accuracy. Also, this kit detects 3 targets per tube which make more efficient diagnosis available. It takes only 1 hour 30 minuntes for Real-Time PCR and is compatible with 4 types of Real-Time PCR machines.
Due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread worldwide, many countries are requesting Korean-made test kits for the coronavirus and its stable supply is important in a pandemic situation. Since its foundation in 1992, the Korean company specialized in molecular biology products and technologies have significantly contributed to the global health improvement from 2003. They have produced diagnostic kits for SARS, Ebola Virus, MERS-CoV, Zika Multiplex, and finally in 2020, a high-quality molecular diagnostic kit for COVID-19 has been successfully developed. The Korean company provides 3 types of COVID-19 kits for user’s convenience. Each kit has different features such as multiplexing, premix type (closed system) and master mix type (open system). The kits have been approved CE-IVD certification, with outstanding performances and are offered at affordable price. The company also possesses MDx (molecular diagnostics) total solution, which means it provides not only Real-Time PCR kit, but also MDx system, Nucleic Acid Extractor and Nucleic Acid preparation kit. Aside from its main features above, since the company has developed and manufactured the products from raw material using its own technologies and patents, the company can guarantee stable supply without any shortage. In addition, due to its convenient operation, the products have been used globally from Europe to low and middle income countries, including recent $1.9 million agreement to supply its molecular diagnostic system and COVID-19 detection kits in Romania. Based on the company’s high technology which has already been approved by countless references across the globe, the company is now seeking partners who are capable of dealing with sales activities, A/S (After Service) and technical training in the local country under distribution services agreement and services agreement.
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- Type of partner sought: Company, Agent - Specific area of activity of the partner: Medical device / diagnostic products sales - Task to be performed: Distributorship (Sales activity in each countries, A/S (After Service), customer training and etc.)
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