Light interactive surface treatment for higher visibility and increased sensor readability

A Belgian SME has developed a process to create light, infrared refractive surfaces based on mineral materials. This is an environmentally green product, recyclable and sustainable, user friendly and safe. Its unique built up has a superior visibility enhancement performance than current systems. The process can be made smart by embedding information that can be read by vehicule sensors remotely. The company seeks long term commercial agreements with technical assistance or license agreement.
For proper vehicle guidance in auto navigation, optics, visibility, identification, and precise location information are of primary importance. In this process, information is provided from surfaces to the sensors. A Belgian SME has developed products and systems to treat with ease various surfaces helping to optimize the sensor identification performance by remarkably increasing visibility. It can help identifying location coordinates, and if needed, it can be made smart by embedding information that can provide additional details of the treated area to be read at a distance. The treated surfaces can be used to virtually illuminate tunnel walls without additional energy consumption or to enhance building contours by refracting back the projected light of vehicles. Therefore, it can improve safety and it can help guiding visually impaired people. Decoratively, the treatment adds another dimension: charm and richness of unique glittering multi chromatic brilliance are to be found on the treated architectural components. Those can vary from facades, walk over tiles, concrete barriers, to pedestrian areas at sea shores. The process can also be applied in a way to create virtual images and billboards. The treatment process creates a combination of multi refractive and reflective layers. A step further from the current system of drop down glass beads, 'Cubes corner' or reflective sheeting, as it combines the advantages of each. It is flexible in its application, it shows higher durability and it is cost effective. It can be incorporated to InBuilt into mass production using existing architectural manufacturing units without the need of specialized equipment. The SME is looking for institutions responsible for mobility, municipalities, parking building owners or manufacturers of adhesive, glass beads, construction chemicals, building materials, sidewalk tiles, architectural component manufacturers precast, to conclude long term commercial agreements with technical assistance. They are also open to discuss license agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Manufacturers of auto navigation equipment that need the technology to improve their sensor performance and to create smart surfaces. Manufacturers (or traders) of glass beads used in traffic paints or of resin adhesives who want to improve their products performance or to use the know how for expanding their business in new sectors such as architectural component manufacturers, decoration, auto navigation, ground, aerial identification of buildings structures, locations (by drones helicopters), road or building identification, road safety, architectural components, advertising, wall linings. Concrete chemical building material manufacturers supplier. The technology can be used to differentiate their products with a distinctive functional look and with decorative concrete units. Architectural component manufacturer, tile, interlock, facade manufacturer, interior designer. The technology can be used to make highly functional decorative exclusive units. Companies such as interior decorators carpenters, joinery, precast, concrete tile… Municipalities wishing to improve the road traffic safety, for kerbstones, walkways, sidewalks, to create bicycle paths, pedestrian paths for visually impaired, add charm richness, improve looks of the streets or buildings. Public transport ministries or transport companies willing to improve safety by improving visibility in diminished light conditions, emphasise safety areas, auto navigation, boarding areas, under bridges, kerbstones, location identification, boarding areas tunnel wall lining, road barriers, concrete safety barriers, adding side visibility of trucks, dangerous cargo tankers, dangerous cargo areas, gas stations, improve visibility, visually emphasise, with charm and richness. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical support or licence agreement.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Various successful industrial demonstrations done with different manufacturing processes, such as Pre-Finish prior to casting concrete, interlock, wood joinery, panel manufacturers, interior designers, encapsulating in Green concrete, Post-Finishing on various substrates, Precast concrete, facades, glass reinforced concrete (GRC), glass reinforced gypsum (GRG), Wood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), Metal, Paper, woven fibreglass matt, rigid foam glass. Outdoor long term external exposure has been evaluated.
IPR Status: 
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
The system, procedures, composition and incorporation products and process into mass production or to make custom units are patentable but not yet applied for.
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