A Lithuanian metalworking company is looking for foreign partners to work under manufacturing, subcontracting or distribution service agreement.

A Lithuanian metalworking company is operating as manufacturing, repair, design and engineering service provider. The company is offering to cooperate with metalworking sector companies, interior designers, real estate developers under manufacturing, subcontracting or distribution agreements.
A Lithuanian organization that has been founded in 2011 is specified as a modern metalworking company providing wide service including manufacture, repair, design and engineering. The company’s main services are: 1. Metalworking. 2. CNC machining. 3. Custom manufacturing. 4. Mass production 5. Valve (or other pressurized equipment) repair and testing. 6. Metal processing and installation. 7. Welding and assembly The company is a private capital, modern manufacturing enterprise, which also provides maintenance and engineering services that operates since 2011. The major part of investment is dedicated to the following sectors: custom CNC machining, metal processing, valve repair. The long term investment is targeted at the enterprise development and expansion in viable sectors of industry, energy and environmental protection seeking to provide top quality services and long-term benefit to the client, as well as the increase of profitability. The company team consists of ambitious, competent, highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are capable of executing the most complex and challenging projects. The company provides to clients high quality services based on extensive professional experience and constantly updated knowledge, independently develop and implement finished solutions. Business model is client oriented and grounded in competence. Company searches for new ideas and solutions leading to achievement of goals benefit to business, mankind and environment and to work under manufacturing agreement. The company is looking for distributors from the metalworking field for cooperation under the distribution services agreement. Lithuanian company is currently addressing both the national and international. The company is looking for partners to become subcontractors of their products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Lithuanian company is expanding their services and looking for new partners in metalworking industry to work on projects together under subcontracting agreement. The company is looking for long term cooperation opportunities from different range companies which would be interested in their services: metalwork, repair, design, engineering to work under distribution agreement. Also, the company is capable of manufacturing certain metal products, gaskets, advanced polymer composites, upon request and to work under manufacturing agreement.
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Already on the market
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