Looking for a consortium for Security - Human factors SU-DRS01-2018-2019-2020

A Brussels-based international NGO established in 1947 at the UNESCO in Paris is willing to join a H2020 consortium for SU-DRS01-2018-2019-2020 (deadline: 22 August 2019). They have proven expertise in the role of women in post-conflict areas and how to involve women more in the peace negotiations and in the discussions for the reconstruction of a zone or a country. They have a track record of success in H2020 projects, having been part of Family platform, Dorian (health) and Circ4Life.
A Brussels-based international NGO established in 1947 at the UNESCO in Paris federates a network of associations in about 30 countries, which represents indirectly 20 million people. This NGO is an association with no political or religious affiliations and has a general consultative status with the United Nations. They have had success in the past as partners of H2020 projects, such as Family platform, Dorian and Circ4Life, as their expertise reaches many different societal challenges. They are currently looking to participate in a Security project with their expertise in gender and the role of women in post-conflict areas. Through a network of partners with ties to women in different conflict regions, this NGO has launched another project that acts as a facilitator to enable individual or unified citizens to find their way to their voices. They are a contact point for press and act proactively to seize current events and developments in conflict to give place to the voice of women in reporting and public debate. They are willing to join a consortium for the H2020 call SU-DRS01-2018-2019-2020 (deadline: 22 August 2019). The project will have a duration between 36 and 48 months. This topic specifically asks for expertise in gender issues, so this NGO would be a valuable partner. The deadline for this EoI is 08 August 2019.
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The partner can be a company or an academic entity with different expertise sought for this security topic concerning human factors: disasters, terrorist attacks, risk awareness.
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