Luxembourgish company specialised in Gemmotherapy is interested in a commercial and distribution Agreement

Specialised in Gemmotherapy, a Luxembourg company is looking for distributors or agents which are specialised in pharmacological products. The company chooses organic certified ingredients, including glycerin, making their brand the 1st brand with the highest percentage of organic ingredients (Certisys-LU-BIO-06). The company would be interested in commercial agency agreements and in distribution services agreements.
The company is specialised in gemmotherapy. Gemmotherapy is a food supplement made with buds and young shoots extracts. The aim of this company is to advance the knowledge of therapeutically principles buds and give to the users the opportunity to make an informed choice. This explains why the company makes available the flavonoids analysis of each batches. Those analyses are performed by an independent laboratory in Belgium. The results of those analyses are in accordance with the standards of the International Association of Gemmotherapy. As a consequence, the brand is the first one to prove the quality of its products in a scientific way. The quality of the products is ensured by quality control standards at different stages of the bud collecting process. The company has its own supply network, of which the mission is is to pick buds in the optimal development phase: when the bud is gorged by the rise of sap. The teams of pickers include controllers in charge of sorting buds which are not presenting an optimal quality. The macerates are exclusively prepared from fresh buds in the proportions required by the pharmacopoeia, i.e. 5% dry weight equivalents (which corresponds to 10% fresh buds). They are directly stabilised in the solvent (water, alcohol and glycerin) at the place of harvest. This process allows the company to capture the energy and the main active ingredients of the bud. The company always chooses organic certified ingredients, including glycerin, making the brand the 1st brand with the highest percentage of organic ingredients (Certisys-LU-BIO-06). The compan's range includes 37 concentrated glycerin macerates of buds and 20 complexes elaborated according to the biochemistry (according to the work of Dr. P. Henry) and phytosociology as described in the Treaty of gemmotherapy (Ph. Andrianne, 2011, Ed. Amyris). The bud extracts are mother macerates; they are not diluted. That is why the daily dosage will usually be 5 to 15 drops (instead of 30-50 drops in D1 products). At present sold in Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Canada, the company is looking for dealers or self-employed commercial agents specialised in pharmacological products, drugstores, organic shop and herbalism (open to alternative medicine) in different countries .
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The company is looking for distributor specialised in: - pharmacological products - drugstores - organic shops or herbalism shops. The company would also be interested in working with self-employed commercial agents in the same area as for the distributor.
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Already on the market
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