A Macedonian bookkeeping agency offers back-office services under outsourcing agreement

A Macedonian company specialised in remote provisioning of back-office services offers cooperation to SMEs interested in outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping operation. The company offers flexible and scalable services with high levels of operational and cost efficiency, including accounting, bookkeeping, customer service and administrative services under the terms of outsourcing agreement.
The Macedonian company is specialised in provisioning of back-office services to foreign companies with particular focus on the clients’ finance and accounting requirements. Established in 2018, it builds upon the expertise of its university-educated team members with over 10 years of experience in supporting back-office operation of SMEs from the EU, Canada and USA. The company offers its services in cost-effective and scalable way, introducing different service models in line with the clients’ size and requirements. Currently it seeks to expand its clients’ portfolio, offering accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and administrative services to new potential partners from abroad. The main services of the company are: - Accounting and bookkeeping services, including day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting, expense & invoice management, general ledger, customized chart of accounts, accounts payable and accounts receivable services (collection, analysis and reporting); - Financial reporting services, involving preparation of financial statements, performance reports, budgeting and forecast analysis, customized reports and analyses upon demand; - Banking and reconciliations services, such as handling and matching bank statements, payment/collection recording, reconciliation & query resolution, making online bank payments; - Customer service: order and claim processing services, customer surveys, product information services; - Personal assistance in managing everyday tasks like arranging appointments (b2b or executive), answering calls; - Administrative tasks including handling e-mails, virtual receptionist services, event selling and management, telemarketing services. The company is offering the services under the terms of outsourcing agreements. It seeks to establish long-term and strategic partnerships with its clients, tailoring the services to the clients’ size and specific needs. Different service models are being offered, ranging from basic support to the clients’ in-house team to advanced support with completely outsourced accounting department. In all cases, the potential partners will be able to decrease their overhead costs and take the advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the offered services. In turn, the Macedonian company will increase the number of clients, expand on new markets and industries. In particular, the company’s team is experienced in supporting companies from the logistics and transportation industry, but the service offer is not sector or country restrictive. Thus, SMEs from any business sector are targeted as potential partners.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner sought: Companies from logistics and transportation industry, but also SMEs from any business or industrial sector interested in outsourcing all or part of its back-office operations to the Macedonian company. Role of partner sought: Outsource its office operation like accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, customer service and/or administrative tasks to the Macedonian remote bookkeeping partner.
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