A Macedonian company is looking for distributors of furniture with distribution service agreement

A Macedonian company, that manufactures and produces furniture according to the principles of a technology named “solid surface”, seeks for a distributor in Europe with distribution service agreements. The company seeks for a distributor for furniture selling, equipping and renovations of hotels, laboratories, architectural and design studios for creating unique projects that will emphasize the focus on the part of interior design.
The Macedonian company, established in 1992, which specializes in manufacturing furniture using raw materials such as solid wood, splinters, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), plywood panel etc. is offering a variety of production services of furniture for companies, individuals, home builders, studios, furniture designers and architects, using the benefits from the so called “solid surface” technology to design and produce furniture as well. The company, which is based in Skopje, spreads its creativeness and manufactures extraordinary designs on 500 m2 indoor area, 500 m2 outdoor area, 40 m2 provided for offices where they can welcome and discuss with the new and existing clients, has 11 employees and over 25 years of experience in production of furniture items. A daily productivity capacity of their factory is around 10 to 100 m2 of solid surface flattened material or 20 to 40 kitchen sinks and lavatories in one day. All of their machines are in quite good condition. This company is planning to expand its sales abroad and therefore is looking for a possibility to cooperate with furniture producers, furniture designers, home builders and other reliable companies under distribution service agreement. Company's main production accent is put on drawing, creating, inventing, improving and producing kitchen and home furniture, bathroom furniture, bar furniture, office furniture, HORECA (hotels, restaurants, catering) sector furniture, laboratory furniture, hospital, restaurant and diners furniture. It mainly produces kitchen sinks, lavatories, desks, tables, parapets, countertops and similar. The company uses only the best materials produced in Europe that please all European standards in range of sizes and parameters and can be used by individual clients and business profiles. This company can offer wide range of surfaces, colors and shapes. The valued clients can choose from a wide range of kitchen sets (counter tops, kitchen sinks, kitchen dining table,chairs etc), various bathroom sets, through business solutions such as office desks, book sets, closets and similar items, as well as wall appliances. Apart from their standard products which are made with so called “solid surface technology”, the manufacturer is able to produce furniture according to the client request and design and manufacture different types of furniture using different materials as well. This company has rich experience for over 25 years now as a subcontractor to many successful projects outside the country. The company proudly points out the subcontractor work in the Tennis Park in BadenWeiler, Germany, the Arena Mall in Zagreb, Croatia, the Mall Centre in Oslo, Norway, as well as the construction works in private apartments and condo’s in Switzerland, collaboration and subcontractor work in Baden, Germany on kitchen, kitchen sinks and kitchen countertops. The company is interested in distribution service agreements. In the offer there is a chance for other companies to review this company’s offer as a possibility to create their brand through all of these company’s products.
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The company is interested to find distributors, particularly SMEs that are dealing with furniture or construction activities. The company is interested in distribution service agreements with experienced companies representing foreign companies to widen their sales internationally.
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Design Rights
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