Macedonian company is looking for European distribution partners for its food supplements, 100% natural products.

A Macedonian company pioneers in producing of 100% natural products and specialized in food supplements is looking for a general distribution partners with very good contacts to the target groups (pharmacists, retail markets, Import-export company, doctors, as well as people who work in the area of health and agriculture).
The Macedonian company portfolio comprises currently 1 food dietary supplements and 2 agricultural supplements . All products are available in large pharmacies in Macedonia and Bulgaria. The food dietary supplement product is a highly biologically active substance, made up of the 100% natural mineral zeolite, more precisely a subspecies of clinoptilolite in its purest form, which is intended for human consumption and thanks to the Nano-technological process it is activated to achieve its full biological potential. This capability for removing toxins from the body is actually one of the most important features of zeolite which is increased multiple times when it is processed through the Nano-technological method. The product is registered as a food additive, and it is a highly biologically active substance. It consists of 100% natural mineral zeolite (clinoptilolite) powder, with a particle size well below one micron. This product of nanotechnology has a unique combination which gives excellent results in detoxification of the body. Its effects are extremely stronger than all known antioxidants. With a rich composition of active minerals with very strong ant oxidation properties. The product eliminates toxins, heavy metals and free radicals by tying them to itself and removing them through urine, faces and sweat over the next 8 hours. The company is seeking for local distributors for its products under the distribution services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
A distribution partner for the food and agricultural supplements should have very good contacts to the target groups (pharmacists, retail markets, import-export company, doctors, as well as people who work in the area of health and agriculture). As a general distributor the potential partner should promote the brand via marketing activities/distribution in their countries at his own expense, should have the knowledge in the sector of food supplements and cosmetics and should know the legal setting of his market. Depending on the countries market (potential customers, number of pharmacies etc.), a distribution partner needs to approve to consensual minimal order/sales volumes for at least 3 years. There are no other costs (e.g. license fee), only a consensual minimum order quantity (MOQ) is required.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Which are the direct advantages of consuming dietary food supplement ? • Removal of heavy metals and other organic and inorganic toxic substances from the body • Acts as a powerful antioxidant • Reduces the risk of cancer • Stabilizes the composition and immune functions • Improves nutrient absorption in the digestive tract • Balances the pH factor, which reduces the acidity of the body, as it is the foundation for any disease • Performs as an anti-viral agent on a wide range of microbes and fungi.
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Already on the market
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