Macedonian company offers automation and power electronic services to partners through joint venture agreements

A Macedonian SME, experienced in providing automation and power electronic solutions, offers its services and process technology for manufacturing of industrial prototypes. The company is interested to find potential industrial partners. It provides reconstruction and revitalization of old and construction of new prototypes in the following industries: metalworking, metallurgy, electrical, chemical, mining, and food/beverage. Joint venture agreements are sought.
A Macedonian company, formed in 1992 with 16 employees, develops automation and power electronic solutions and offers technologies for production of industrial prototypes. The company produces new sophisticated innovative solutions in medical, electrical, chemical, mining and food industry. It provides realization of old and new production lines. It implements complete supervisory control and data acquisition systems, software and fully automated production lines. The company offers its services and technology solutions for production of industrial prototypes according to the customer needs and preferences and ensures realization of complete industrial processes and produces new sophisticated solutions. The company has already developed several prototypes from different industries according to the clients’ needs for the big companies from Europe. The services offered are: - automation and full process control of industrial plants, - industrial lines and machines, - fully customized automation systems covering all clients needs, combining multiple technologies and software - development of software for real time process control or data acquisition, as a whole system or as a separate service - services offered using PLC software platforms involving Ladder logic and C/C++ language programming or some other programming language or standard. The current work of the company includes the following prototypes: - Automation and SCADA for conveyor transport system, - Automation for marble polishing machine, - Production line for metal segments for transmission towers, - Computer numerical controlled Punching Machine, - Flour packing machine and many others. The company owns a software department adjusted to develop custom-made industrial prototypes according to the customer needs. It now offers its know-how in these process technologies. It is interested to find industrial SMEs from the metalworking, metallurgy, electrical, chemical, mining and food/beverage industry. The company is interested in joint venture agreements for the development of effective solutions and prototypes in different industries.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for industrial SMEs from the following industries: metalworking, metallurgy, electrical, chemical, mining and food/beverage industry that are interested in manufacturing of prototypes.The potential cooperation sought would be joint venture agreements.
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