A Macedonian company, specialised in business intelligence, market analysis and credit reporting, is looking for agents or representatives

A Macedonian company is working in the field of business information services, supporting clients in the process of smart decision making. It offers a wide range of products and services, including a daily updated database of companies from several countries, credit reports on companies from Europe, USA, Canada and China, and tailor-made business intelligence solutions. The company is looking for SME partners from the business consultancy sector interested in commercial agency agreements.
In today’s economic environment, it’s important that businesses and organisations have access to accurate and comprehensive business information in order to more effectively deal with modern-day challenges. The Macedonian company, established in 2012, is dedicated to creating business intelligence solutions enabling its clients to stay focused on making smart business decisions. The company is specialised in provisioning of business information services to domestic and foreign companies, with particular focus on business intelligence, market analysis and credit reporting. It continuously develops different business tools using the latest information technology and currently seeks to expand its client’s portfolio and increase its presence on the international market. The main services of the company are: - Performing market analysis including market research, market segmentation, and calculation of the market potential; - Developing marketing and sales strategy; - Supporting complex business projects with preparation of sales and risk models, risk management and management of business information. The main products of the company include: - Daily updated web platform with complete business information (company and registry information, ownership and management structure, financial information and similar) for Macedonian companies, but also for companies from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina; - Credit reports, providing overview on the credit worthiness for companies from ex-Yugoslavia, Europe, USA, Canada and China, including financial indicators, financial analysis and payment index, as well as credit limit and credit margin; - Custom made solutions that enable automatization through system integration and on-demand analysis. The company is offering the products and services under the terms of the commercial agency agreements. It seeks to establish long-term and strategic partnerships with business consultancy companies from abroad, willing to act as agents or representatives. The potential partners will be able to expand their portfolio of business and financial services while supporting the growth of the Macedonian company on the foreign markets.
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Partners sought include SMEs working in the business consultancy field, particularly specialised in market analysis, internationalisation support and/or financial services for the commercial sector. Potential partners are expected to promote the services and products of the Macedonian company in their respective markets. If needed, the Macedonian company will further upgrade or customise its products/services to better fit the needs of the future clients.
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