Macedonian company specialized in food processing industry is looking for distributors and commercial agents.

A Macedonian company, one of the leaders of the collection, processing, packaging and distribution of mushrooms and wild fruits in North Macedonia and Balkan Region is seeking to expand its presence on the EU market based on distribution and commercial agency agreements.
This Macedonian company is a modern company equipped for the processing of wild berries, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms and for providing various services depending on the needs of its customers at the most professional level. Its services include: - Freezing services The company provides services to freeze different kinds of products in their IQF tunnel with high performance and capacity of 2500 kg / h based on peas. The company also provides freezing services for different types of fresh products in static shock tunnel at temperatures of -35Co to - 40Co. Freezing capacity is up to 40 tons depending on the type of the product. - Processing Besides the freezing services, the company is able to process different types of products from raw material to finished product on their fruit and vegetable processing line (calibrators, control, machines for washing the products, machine for bones removal, 2D and 3D cutters with dimensions 6x6mm, 10x10mm, 20x20mm). Capacity for processing and freezing of goods has increased up to 8000 tons of frozen products per year. - Drying services The company has a dryer with a capacity of 2-10 tons of fresh product per day depending on the product. The dryer has three independent tunnels for drying. - Storage services The company offers possibilities of storing frozen goods on temperature from -18C to -23C. It has three chambers freezer with a total capacity of up to 3500м/3. In them the company can afford to accommodate 1000 tons of frozen goods. - Packaging and distribution of frozen goods The company owns pre-chamber used to pack frozen products in various types of packaging and machines for packaging products in plastic, aluminum and PE bags. Furthermore it can offer its own transport truck equipped with a cooling system that achieves temperature down to - 20C. The product range includes different types of mushrooms, vegetables and fruits. The company continuously invests in new products and lines including line for processing peppers, sour cherries, plums, onion, pumpkins, aubergines, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. The company has a widespread network of suppliers throughout North Macedonia and neighbor countries and is looking for new potetnital distributors and commercial agents to expand their presence on the EU markets. The company is interested in finding new partners who will assist them in entering new markets, such as Germany, Italy, and Croatia. The potential partners should be experienced distributors with extensive logistic and distributive network all over the country in order products to reach the final costumers in the stores. Commercial agents are also taken in consideration and they should have wide range of contacts, as well as good promotional strategy in order to negotiate the sale or purchase of the products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for partners with established network of channels, such as big market chains and wholesalers based on distribution and commercial agency agreements. The partners should be interested in long - term cooperation and able to provide assistance for the client in entering new markets, such as Germany, Italy, and Croatia.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Present on the market since 2007.
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