A Macedonian company specialized in production of prefabricated containers is looking for distributors and agents

A Macedonian company with over 25 years of experience in metal processing is offering prefabricated containers for variety of uses. The containers are cost effective, durable, movable and recyclable whereas the company is highly experienced in design and manufacturing of different kind and types of containers. Potential partners interested in distributing the containers or representing the company interests on foreign markets under distribution and commercial agency agreements are sought.
The Macedonian company is specialized in steel constructions and manufacturing of prefabricated containers that can substitute a variety of residential and non-residential buildings. It possesses all necessary equipment and machinery, including bridge crane in the whole production hall, press brake for folding hot rolling sheet and cold rolling sheet, plasma for cutting profiles with full and empty iron, stable saw for cutting metal, oxygenic line for cutting hot rolled sheet metal, CO2 appliances digestion, stable drill, trucks, motor vehicles and cranes as well as other smaller machines. It operates in 1000 square meters of closed area and additional 9000 square meters of open space. The containers offered can be used for offices, storage, homes and similar, being of any size and kind. The company provides the overall service, including both design and manufacturing of the prefabricated containers. The containers offered are standard ready to use containers with water and electricity installation. The manufacturing capacity is 50 containers per month. The company has good references in the local market and has steadily grown in the last few years. The company has also good references on the European and Balkan market and has made thousands of containers for NATO in the period of 1999-2005. Now, the company would like to expand its activities abroad and to gain more customers. Therefore, it is offering its products to distributors from Europe and beyond who could help the company to introduce its products into their respective local markets. Alternatively, the company is seeking for agents who will represent its interests in international markets.
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Type and activity of the partner sought: The company is looking for SMEs working as wholesalers, distributors or retailers in the construction industry. Role of the partner sought: The Macedonian company is interested in establishing long term partnerships. Collaboration with the distributors will be achieved through distribution agreements. In the case of the commercial agency agreement, the potential partner is expected to represent the company's interests in the international markets and conclude agreements, or give the company subcontracted agreements, or just place orders for the company to produce.
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