A Macedonian company, specialized in software development, is offering software expertise and solutions with interest in automotive and space industry through service and outsourcing agreement

A Macedonian IT company offers software expertise and solutions, with interest in automotive and space industry, from idea to complete solution as well as business services. The company is interested in services and outsourcing agreement with foreign partners.
A Macedonian software development company is well experienced in developing software solutions for customers needs. The company is developing desktop and mobile applications, web applications, web and graphic design, custom service solutions and consultancy. The company has experience in software development in vast variety projects starting from software for automotive diagnostic (run-time applications, authoring tools, simulators, converters, telematics services, etc.), trading applications (complete new trading system, forex trading systems, etc.), big data processing (different converters, massive data search by using Elasticsearch etc.), health care software (software for drug distribution), software for cadastre (using Geo location techniques), software for mobile phones (multiple applications for Android and iOS devices), software for embedded devices (Raspberry PI). The employees have long term experience in different areas of software development like automotive, forex trading and custom software. This includes different programming languages: (C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Swift 3, JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc.), different OS (GNU/Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, ESXI) and all this knowledge has been applied in different projects in automotive (diagnostic tools, vehicle simulators, telematics services etc.), forex trading (automated trading software, reporting etc.), custom software (e-commerce services, system integration, custom tools and software, outsourcing, IT Consulting). The company is offering software solutions with focus on automotive industry and its services through service and outsourcing agreement.
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The company is interested to cooperate with companies interested in improvement of their IT systems, companies interested in external support and in need of IT consulting. Partner is expected to be receiver of the service or outsourcing services in order to increase its portfolio and to cooperate with new clients on new markets.
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Already on the market
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