A Macedonian producer of fiber-based panel boards using smart UV coating technology is looking for partners for distribution and/or subcontracting agreements

The Macedonian company is producing interior and exterior panel boards with improved capabilities, due to the use of an advanced automatic UV coating technology. The panels are weather, water and biologically resistant, easy to install and permit cost savings in the construction finishing works. They have decorative and insulation functionalities with customisable chemical and physical properties. Preferred types of cooperation are distribution services and/or subcontracting agreements.
The Macedonian company established in 2016 is specialized in the production of decorative and insulation panel boards for interior and exterior use. The company possesses advanced automatic UV production line capable of producing a variety of solid colours and environmentally friendly UV coatings. Using the UV printing technology, the company can produce all kind of wood-, granite-, marble-like and other simulated decorative panels. The thickness of the decorative layer is between 6mm and 20 mm whereas the standard panel size is 2400mmx1220mm that can be customized to the customer’s needs. The company also produces all kinds of insulated decorative panels with expanded and extruded polystyrene foam (EPS and XPS), polyurethane (PU), rockwool and other thermal insulation materials. The panel boards are suitable for use in both residential and commercial buildings such as car showrooms, shopping malls, window displays, banks, restaurants, offices, hotels and homes. The production facility is located close to a highway and a port that will facilitate the logistics aspects. The panels are easy and economical to be transported and handled. The fibre-based panels can absorb and release moisture for unlimited cycles without affecting the durability and service life making the products suitable for external surfaces, particularly for single skin constructions as well as for indoor wet room installations. The panel boards can be used in any weather conditions including snow, frost and thaws, rain (even torrential downpours), heat, humidity and direct sunlight. In addition, due to the high pH value, the panels are resistant to algae and bacteria attacks and growth of moss, fungi and similar, even in conditions and climates where this is often considered a problem. The Macedonian producer has the capacity to access new markets and that's why the company representatives are interested in establishment of new contacts with potential partners. The company would like to find new partners already active on the European market for a distribution services agreement. They also offer to become subcontractor for other small/medium construction companies, interested to assign their obligations in regard to the interior and exterior panel’s production. The potential partners will benefit from these highly durable and cost-effective panels, requiring little skill and labour for their use and accelerating construction as they do not require any further finishing. Based on the requirements, the physical and chemical properties of the panel boards can be modified, including porosity, absorption, abrasion resistance, friction, light refraction, electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio-frequency interference (RFI) suppression and chemical active properties. The finished products are natural looking with indefinite possibilities for variation in the effects like opacity, intensity, hues, shadows and contrast. The panel boards can be easily cleaned and are made of environmentally friendly materials whereas the colouring is done with nano-sized transparent pigments.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for: 1/ distributors of building materials who are already active/have experience on the European market; and 2/ Small/medium construction companies interested to assign the production of interior and exterior panels under subcontracting agreement. Possible partners include: manufacturers/traders of building materials, architects, interior designers, decorators, construction and renovating companies, construction chemical manufacturers, specialized paint related material manufacturers.
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