Macedonian producer of fruits and vegetables seeks distributors

A Macedonian company cultivates and provides delivery of a wide range of products including vegetables (white cabbage, new crop spring young cabbage, young spring onion aldoba sort, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.) and fruits (green, black, blue sorts of grapes, nectarines, apricot, oranges, watermelon, etc.). The company is looking for distributors in Central Slovakia, Poland, Czechia, and Hungary.
The Macedonian company with ten years of experience, deals with production, purchase, calibration and packaging of fruits and vegetables and placing on the domestic as well as on foreign markets. At present, they sell their products in Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. The fertile soil and clean ecological environment enable the production of environmentally clean and healthy agricultural and fruit garden crops, as a result of the large number of 240 sunny days in the year with an annual 2392 hours of sunshine, that enable successful production of many horticultural crops. The company offers a wide range of products including vegetables such as white cabbage, new crop spring young cabbage, young spring onion aldoba variety, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, and so on and grapes, nectarines, apricots, oranges, and watermelons. The company's warehouse has sections for packing of goods and cooled rooms for maintaining a certain temperature to the loading process, and they have recently purchased 3 new transport refrigerator trucks, which provide safe delivery of their goods to the final destination. They are interested in entering new markets to expand its business in Slovakia, Poland, Czechia, Hungary and are looking for distributors of fruit and vegetables, looking for a reliable European supplier.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for a reliable partner with whom they are willing to collaborate based on distribution services agreement. They are looking for reliable partners who have already established a strong network of channels, such as big market chains and wholesalers to which they can offer their products. They have to have previous experience in selling fruits and vegetables and have to have implemented standards according to EU regulations.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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