A Macedonian producer of raw and organic cosmetic is looking for distributors or commercial agents

A Macedonian company is specialised in the production of raw cosmetic products including edible face and body creams, scrubs, serums, cleansers, soaps, body butters and shampoos. All products are with 3-year shelf life without any preservatives added, prepared without heating and containing more minerals and vitamins compared to the other natural cosmetic products. The company is looking for trade intermediaries under the terms of distribution services or commercial services agreement.
A Macedonian company established in 2014 is specialised in the production of organic and raw cosmetics. Raw cosmetics is a special type of organic cosmetics produced exclusively from fresh edible components such as: fresh squeezed fruits and vegetables, fresh plants, unrefined cold pressed oils, unrefined butters in their fresh form without extractions, additives, processing or preservatives. The company produces over 90 raw cosmetics products intended for both female and male skin care, using bio manufacturing technology that does not involve heating of the fresh raw materials. The complete production process is carried out at temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, retaining all the nutrients and obtaining a final product with the same composition as the initial raw material from which is made. The company is involved in the production of the following raw cosmetics products: - Edible face and body creams with sweet taste and that can be consumed; - Scrubs from dehydrated fruit and plants dipped in cold pressed oils; - Mature skin care serums, cleansers; - Body butter and soaps; - Shampoos that contain freshly squeezed lemon and mandarin juice etc. All products have a long shelf life (3 years) due to the secret know-how technique for conservation based on the laws of physics and avoiding the use of chemical substances and radiation. The company continuously invests in new products’ formulations and increasing the sale at national and international market. It has customers in several European countries (Poland, Serbia) and worldwide (Canada), but wants to further develop its export operations. The company is looking for distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements to develop its activity abroad.
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The company is looking for businesses dealing with distribution of raw cosmetic products, organic cosmetic or healthy food, to cooperate under the terms of distribution services agreement. It is also interested in partnerships with commercial agents willing to represent company's products at foreign market under commercial agency agreement. The potential partners are expected to be experienced in the field of organic and natural cosmetics and have good connections within some of the following industries: cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dietetics, retail or tourism.
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