Macedonian textile company offers its manufacturing services

A Macedonian textile SME is specialized in upper garment manufacturing and offers its production services to interested foreign partners coming from European countries, USA, India, China, etc. This company has a completely equipped production capacity which can reach up to 80 - 100,000 units per year.
This textile enterprise has been present at the Macedonian market within the last three years and has already established successful cooperation with numerous textile companies from abroad, differentiating itself through timely and quality execution mostly of piecework production orders. The currently available machines include: automatic sewing machines Juki 8700/7, lockstitch buttonholing machine Juki LBH - 780, electrical button attaching machine Supreme, button attaching machine Juki, sewing machine Brother, double-eedle sewing machine Jack, steam boiler Bumaksan, and many more. The company uses the threads by Coats and develops its capacity in general according to the needs of each partner. Tme needed for this upgrading is usually not longer than a month. The company is specialized in manufacturing of men's and women's shirts and blouses, as well as work uniforms. The combination of materials for the products is determined by the client, and the materials are mostly imported from the Netherlands and Germany. In the last year it increased its capacity to keep up with the customers' demand and this capacity can be increased further if needed. Currently the company is able to produce a minimum level of 6000 pieces per month. There are not minimum order sizes. The foreign partners which are sought should be companies from the textile or related industries which are interested in finding a reliable manufacturer of their products under the terms of manufacturing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Macedonian SME is looking for partners for CMT production and willing to transfer part of their manufacturing processes to Macedonia under Manufacturing agreement. The partners can be companies based in the European countries, USA, China, India and other countries.
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Already on the market
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