A Maltese startup which has developed a search engine platform to facilitate the real-time booking of services, is looking for partners in the UK under a joint venture agreement.

The Malta-based startup company has developed an efficient, real-time search engine which can help users find specific service providers, with just one-click. Both the platform app and website have been successfully launched in the Maltese market, providing users with free and accurate search results. The company is interested in finding UK based marketing firms to jointly launch the platform in the UK under a joint venture agreement.
This newly developed platform targets people that need a service and have no time to browse directories (both paper and online) or else wait for the right business to pop up on their favourite social network. Services are needed daily but no one has time to browse directories due to busy lifestyles. Also, to book an appointment one needs endless calls/emails until a business can help. This is a platform where businesses are visible and it essentially transforms prospects into paying customers without any middleware. It is meant to bridge the gap between customers and businesses in a revolutionary way. Through this platform, consumers can send a request to multiple service providers with just one click, saving time and money. Businesses who can help will reach out directly to the customer. When an appointment is booked through the platform, this will be included in the platform's calendar which can also be synced to the phone calendar. Both consumer and business are reminded two hours before the appointment, as well as prompted after the appointment to leave a review. The platform also integrates a map which gives directions to the business. The platform is ideal for service providers that are starting-up or are freelancing, but will also help established businesses to maintain or improve business exposure in a very affordable manner and who do not have time to waste on social media. Businesses can choose one out of the four packages available. It is an easy way for consumers to find businesses for free whilst at the same time keeping exposure/marketing for businesses very affordable. Businesses can also promote special offers or last minute availabilities for consumers to redeem. Lastly, businesses can opt for interviews conducted by the company, which showcase what the business does. This interview video is then integrated into the business profile of the business as well as shared on the platform's social media (including through sponsored posts) and occupies the welcome screen of the app for a week. The developer wishes to enter into a joint venture agreement with UK partners, whereby the latter will market this platform to the British business community.
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The company is looking for partners with marketing and sales expertise. This joint venture agreement would stand on the principle of a solid cooperation between both the UK and Maltese business partners to reach maximum exposure and visibility of the platform within the UK market by means of the professional marketing activities sought.
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