Manufacturer offering high quality products in alpaca wool - bedding and carpets is looking for a manufacturing agreement and/or distribution services agreement

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Manufacturer from Bosnia and Herzegovina produces high quality bedding and carpets made from the finest alpaca wool imported from Australia. Duvets, pillows and mattress savers, give the high quality sleeping experience with excellent terminal features. Hand made carpets in different designs are custom made and can be ordered in different quantities based on the customer needs and wishes. Looking for a distribution and/or manufacturing agreement.
Manufacturer based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, imports the finest alpaca wool from Australia and produces high-end quality bedding: - Pillows and duvets are filled with 100% Australian alpaca wool, naturally washed in the professional industrial washer. Cotton used for pillows and duvets is the finest natural fibre. - Hand made carpets and kilims with 100% finest alpaca wool, ecologically treated without aggressive chemicals, while traditional hand-craft creates exceptional quality. For thousands of years people admire alpaca wool. They named it - the wool of Gods. Living in the Andes, at the altitude up to 5000m, this beautiful animal has evolved its fleece with exceptional thermo characteristics. Temperature changes from -25 over the night to +30 degrees Celsius over the day resulted with the thermo resistant wool, which protects from cold as well as from the warmth. Adding the fact that this wool has anti allergic characteristics, since it does not contain grease (lanolin), mites are absolutely impossible to arise. Moreover, it has calming effect on human mind, therefor it is used in medically therapeutic purposes. This silky wool gives special sense of softness, and with its spectrum of natural colours, it is unique in the world of wool. Therefore, alpaca wool usually is not collared and each of our kilims or carpets has the base of unique, natural colour. Overwhelming positive characteristics of alpaca wool add to the life-quality in the home. Manufacturer is looking for (1) manufacturing agreement and/or (2) distribution services agreement. As all above mentioned products can be made under a logo of other company, in all possible sizes - i.e. manufacturing agreement. Furthermore, the products are ready for market under the manufacturer's logo, both carpets and bedding - i.e. distribution services agreement. Quantities for the manufacture/distribution will be discussed and samples provided in advance.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
This manufacturer is looking for a partner who will buy out those high quality luxury products. It can be the retailer with furniture basis, or exclusive boutique with carpets and/or bedding - Distribution service agreement Second type is the producer of similar assortment who wishes to enrich its offer with alpaca wool products and our manufacturer can produce the products under it's brand - Manufacturing agreement Third type are the luxury hotels wishing to level up with the luxury bedding and/or carpets. All quantities, designs, sizes can be further negotiated and agreed on.
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