Manufacturing device for blown-in thermal and acoustic insulation from short textile fibre waste for cheap and quality insulation of buildings

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A Czech family company has developed a manufacturing technology for the production of blown-in thermal and acoustic insulation from very short textile fibre waste which is no longer processable and therefore it is disposed of in the landfills. The company is looking for partners, textile and textile recycling companies, from countries with huge textile industries that tackle with the problem of this short fiber waste for concluding commercial agreement with technical assistance.
A Czech family SME producing thermal and acoustic ecological insulation and blowing application devices has developed a manufacturing device for the production of blown-in thermal insulation from short textile waste fibres up to 5 mm which are no longer processable. The problem of many buildings around the world is excessive heat which is solved by expensive and energy-intensive air conditioning. If the house is well insulated, air conditioning costs are minimal. When recycling scrap textiles for fibers which are 1.5 - 7 cm long and are used for the production of non-woven textiles or geotextiles, up to 15% of waste is generated in the form of short fibers, waste that no longer has its use. Manufacturing procedure of short fibers is the following: Compressed bales of textile waste weighing approx. 350 kg are inserted into the technological device which breaks them into fibers. The fibers are then impregnated in a dry way against fire and pests (so the insulation contains about 79% cotton + 14% synthetics + 7% chemical additives, i.e. ecological flame retardant and antiseptic against pests). Then the insulation in bulk is wrapped into packages. The resulting thermal and acoustic insulation manufactured from textile scrap is very cheap. The product is used as thermal insulation in buildings where it works both against cold and heat. The capacity of the line is 2,000 tons of textile scraps per year in 1 shift. The device produces cheap and quality thermal and acoustic insulation. The insulation is blown into buildings by application machines - blowing is up to 8 times faster and more efficient than laying insulation mats. Installation of the device on site and training of personnel is provided by the SME. The company is looking particularly for textile recycling companies solving the problem of very short textile fibre waste, interested in manufacturing thermal and acoustic insulation based on concluding commercial agreement with technical assistance. In focus are also construction companies searching for cheap insulation solutions in buildings. Last but not least government institutions that might have a role of an ambassador of this technological solution are looked for.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- big textile companies searching for the solution of recycling short fibre textile waste. Their role is solving the problem of textile waste utilization together with recycling companies. - construction companies searching for possibilities of cheap insulation of buildings. Their role is blowing the insulation in the buildings using application machines. - recycling companies as the technology recipient will have the role of integrating the technology into their business activity and manufacturing the insulation. Their role is offering the insulation to construction companies. -government institutions searching for the solution of short fibre textile waste. Their role is to be an ambassador of this solution.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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