A Moldavian company producing frozen bakery products and sweet pastry is looking for partners to work under a distribution service agreement.

The Moldavian company produces premium frozen bakery and sweet pastry. Products require minimal heat treatment after thawing. This makes them convenient for both home use and public catering. Bakery products are bread and baguettes made according to French and Italian recipes. Pastry products are authentic Moldavian baked goods with sweet and non-sweet filling.
The Moldavian company with experience in producing premium frozen bakery and sweet pastry is an example of successful female entrepreneurship, where all leadership positions are held by women, most of the jobs are also occupied by women. The company produces almost ready products to be used by its clients. The products are shock-frozen that must be baked for 5 minutes, and raw frozen products that must be fully baked. There are two categories of products: Almost ready: bread and bakery products. Raw frozen: sweet pastries. The range of products of the company are: • Homemade noodles • Bread • Pastry products (croissants, donuts, etc.) For absolutely all products, premium biodegradable packaging is used and contains parchment for baking directly on it. The maximum quantity to provide is 25 tons of products per month. Deep freezing allows to ship products over large distances and preserve them for a long time. Due to deep freezing, the product has a long shelf life and does not lose its quality after defrosting. But it’s necessary to keep the temperature stable during shipping. The company is open to innovations and is ready to complete special orders if needed. Improving technology, using innovations, and trying new recipes are priorities of the company. There was a successful experience in selling products in coffee houses of the Russian Federation (Moscow). The company has the certification of compliance GOST PMR (similar to GOST certification used by the Eurasian Economic Union countries).
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The company is looking for partners as Coffee and Tea Houses because the company is interested to offer good quality and not big volumes. The company is going to work under a distribution services agreement.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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