A Moldovan manufacturer of organic and artisanal bakery product is looking for distributors in foreign markets.

A Moldovan cookies company is looking for business partners in the EU and from other countries. The company established in 2003 has long-term experience in developing and producing a wide range of organic and artisanal bakery products. The company wants to establish long-term business cooperation in the framework of a distribution services agreement.
Inspired by inherited traditions and healthy lifestyle, for more than 3 years the company located in the Republic of Moldova has been producing and supplying on the national market a wide range of organic and artisanal bakery products - handmade wholemeal bread with organic wheat mayonnaise, whole wheat flour and rye, organic pastries, fresh cakes, etc. - a fact by which the company managed to obtain an impeccable reputation among consumers. And because they know that bread is the indispensable food in the daily menu of a family and has a high nutritional value, the basis of the bread they bake with a lot of souls are exclusively natural ingredients, without nutritional additives, premixes, or preservatives. Company values: 1. FRESH PRODUCTS - delicious and healthy bakery and pastry products: prepared only from wholemeal and semi-wholemeal flour with mayonnaise, organic wheat, organic raw materials and which have an undeniable beneficial impact on the immunity of the body and the whole family. Currently, the consumption of organic, healthy bakery products with high nutritional value that have beneficial effects on the body, as well as the harmless impact on the environment is becoming increasingly preferred among consumers. 2. ECOLOGICAL PRODUCT - the raw material is provided by their reliable partners who meet the highest quality standards and deliver fresh, environmentally packaged, and timely transported products and appropriate conditions. 3. FAST DELIVERY PROCESS AND INDIVIDUALIZED SETS-the company chooses to meet the highest quality standards, starting with the professional approach of their customers, through direct communication to understand the needs of the consumers and the frequency of delivery. 4. PERSONNEL INVOLVED IN THE MEANING OF ENSURING EMPATHIC COMMUNICATION WITH THE CUSTOMER - the company appreciates the time and quality of the relationship with the customers and partners and choose to work responsibly. 5. CONTINUITY AND COMPLETE SERVICE PROCESS - the company appreciates the time of their customers and partners and take care of the whole process - from customizing product sets to delivering healthy bread or pastries directly to their home or office. The company is looking for small or medium-sized companies as grocery stores or supermarkets and online retailers to act as distributors of their products under a distribution services agreement. Also, the company can produce sweets on private label products and custom recipe products and work under manufacturing agreement.
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The company is looking for distributors of sweet products and confectionery to distribute the products in the international market. It is looking for food distributors which may sell directly to the end-users such as supermarkets, grocery store, etc. The company is also ready to engage in cooperation under the manufacturing agreement. The role of a partner will be to specify the type and quantity of requested products and to sold under their brand name.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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