Montenegrin producer of high-quality smoked and cured ham is looking for trade partners to sign a distribution services agreement

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A Montenegrin company with an extended experience in the production and selling of smoked and cured products is looking for for distributors from Austria,Belgium,Croatia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Nederlands and Slovenia. The company is interested in collaboration for distributing quality products like: Montenegrin smoked and cured ham and other cold meats products. Looking for distribution services agreement as this will be new product to those markets.
Montenegrin family-owned company, which has been present on the market since 1988 is located in the village of Njegusi, Cetinje Municipality. The company produces meat products, made according to traditional recipes and dried in the traditional way. The company use high quality meat to make their products. They have HACCP standard and certificate of excellence (and origin) issued by Chamber of Commerce Montenegro. The specific flavor and aroma comes from the use of sea salt, and the curing on the mixture and mountain and sea air and beech wood smoke. Njegusi is a village in the south of Montenegro, located in a field, one of few such fields in the midst of rocky and arid limestone mountains. The location of the village is such that it is exposed to specific micro-climate – there the air from the mountains mixes with the air from the sea south from there, making this place a green oasis in this inhospitable terrain. Legs from adult pigs are carved in a specific way, in order to allow the penetration of the salt and the drying process. Legs are salted exclusively with marine salt that is rubbed deeply into the meat. Njegusi Prosciutto (smoked ham) is an unavoidable item in every Montenegrin table. It can be purchased in all the supermarkets and specialty food shops, as well as order in all restaurants. One can buy it in chunks, slices or even a whole leg. Now the company is leaded by the second generation who faithfully maintain the production of high quality sliced meat cured products and salted meat products. The products are immediately vacuum-packed to protect food from any factor which can both, alter their quality and taste. Nowadays, exportation represent 25% of its sales, being already present in some countries in Western Balkans. One of the main objectives of the company is the distribution of its product in new international markets, in particular, fine food markets. The company also maintains its commitment to environmental sustainability investing in greening and energy efficiency in its headquarters and production chain. The company is looking for a partnership, under distribution service agreement to distribute its products in Austria,Belgium,Croatia, Germany, Nederlands, Italy, Spain and Slovenia , open to co-develop different strategies to reach the final customers at each local market.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: Distribution enterprise preferably with experience in distribution of meat and meat products and with knowledge of the market. Activity: Distribution of fine/gourmet food products. Role: Local partner for cooperation and distribution of Montenegrin smoked and cured ham products in the targeted countries.
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Already on the market
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