North Macedonia food processing company seeks distributors

A company based in North Macedonia producing traditional Macedonian spreads and preserved vegetables, is looking for distributors who will help them place their products on international markets, more precisely Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and Albania.
This North Macedonian company was founded in 1992 with goal to strengthen the links between the traditional and modern tastes of Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and North Macedonia in the food production. Their products are made of high-quality domestic fruits and vegetables that have been carefully selected. With implementation of latest technology combined with glass jars, they manage to preserve the flavors, aromas and nutrients of their products. In 1997, they were among the first companies in the world to introduce the home-made peppers spread - "Ajvar" in industrial production. Since their establishment the company has managed to expand their product portfolio, which nowadays includes varieties of traditional Macedonian spreads and preserved vegetables and fruits : - Traditional "Ajvar" - Red baked "Pindjur" (made with either hot or sweet red peppers) - Green summer "Pindjur" (made with either hot or sweet green peppers) - "Lutenica"- hot chunky relish - "Malidjano"- roasted eggplant puree - Fefferona peppers Paste - Roasted red peppers paste - Green and black olives paste - Mashed tomatoes paste - Tomatoes sauce - Tomatoes puree - Pickled gherkins - Hot fefferoni peppers - Hot round cherry peppers - Cauliflower - Mixed salad - Beetroot - Cabbage leaves - Grape leaves - Hot round cherry peppers with cream cheese - Lightly roasted peppers with garlic and herbs - Lightly roasted hot peppers - Lightly roasted zucchini rings - Lightly roasted Lombardy peppers - Lightly roasted "Kavardjik" peppers - Lightly roasted fefferoni peppers - Roasted red peppers - Strawberry marmalade - Plum marmalade - Wild figs preserve - Figs preserve - Figs jam - Figs marmalade - Apricot jam - Quince preserve - Pumpkin preserve - Oranges preserve They recommend their products in many ways of consumption, such as spreads, snacks, gourmet sandwich and salad component, side dish and ingredients in baked and boiled dishes. The company is registered in many world markets according to the international laws. Over 80% of the annual production is exported in more than 15 countries including United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zeeland, Australia, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, while 20% of their production is for the domestic market. They are looking for new partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and Albania to help them expand on additional international markets based on distribution agreement. Local distributors are sought in order to sell the products on a regular basis, with previously defined quantity and delivery of orders. The partners should be reliable, serious and experienced, dealing with international trade with their own commercial network on the local market in order to successfully maintain long-lasting partnership.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for a reliable partner with whom they are willing to collaborate based on distribution services agreement. The potential partner is expected to be reliable, financially strong, responsible, must have good contacts within the commercial sector and a strong distribution system. The company must be interested in long term cooperation. The role of the potential partners would be to represent and to promote the portfolio of the products as well as to sell the products within their distribution network on the local market.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
ISO, HACCP and IFS standards required.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The company has been successfully established on the domestic market for more than 25 years with extensive experience on international marekts for more than 15 years.
IPR Status: 
Trade Marks
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