Ongoing EUREKA project: Encryption partner needed to establish a health data platform

An Austrian SME with expertise in AI for healthcare and international R&D expertise is part of an ongoing EUREKA project. Now they need to replace a partner. The project's aim is to automatize, interpret and standardize electronic health data to share these encrypted and anonymized health data on a protected platform to enable research and clinical studies. A company of any size is needed to handle encryption, end-to-end protection, anonymisation and pseudonymisation of the shared health data.
An Austrian SME active in AI healthcare data-management is part of an ongoing EUREKA Project (project already running 1 year). The Austrian SME has notable experience in international research projects (H2020, Eurostars, EUREKA). The Austrian company is the project coordinator. Now they need to replace the second partner of the project, no other partners are involved in the project. The project progress is on schedule and the Austrian SME is planning to finish the project within the next two years. The project aim: The aim of the project is to enable all stakeholders in the healthcare sector to use protected electronic health data for research purposes and clinical studies. This aim shall be reached by an automatized interpretation and standardization of electronic health records. Therefore the data needs to be encrypted with a future-proof solution to establish a protected data platform with anonymised health data. Current situation: Healthcare databases are very heterogeneous and not universally compatible. Especially smaller hospitals do not have the know-how and the resources to standardize data and to ensure data security. Expected end user: Hospitals, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies -> Enabling more effective research and clinical studies Partner sought: The Austrian company is looking for a SME or a large scale enterprise that handles: - the encryption - the end-to-end protection - the anonymisation and pseudonymisation of the shared health data. Partners are welcome from any EUREKA member country with available funding: Call details: The project was submitted and granted in the 3rd EUREKA Danube Region call. The partner needs to be defined until the end of 2019. Anticipated duration of the project: 3 years (2 years left) EoI deadline: 31.12.2019 Call deadline: 3rd Danube Region Call was granted in 2018 and is closed now. The potential project partner would have to submit the project to its national Eureka Contact Point.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
I. Type of partner sought SME or large scale enterprise with core competencies in the field of encryption and data security. II. Role of partner sought The potential partner is responsible for the encryption and the end-to-end protection of the data shared on the data market. Furthermore anonymisation and pseudonymisation is a topic that has to be addressed by the project partner. The technical challenge will be to define a process that secures pseudonymised data to a maximum extend. Only authorized parties shall have the possibility to access decrypted health data.
Stage of Development: 
Project already started
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