Patented method for dental pulp cryopreservation

A leading Italian public medical research centre committed to healthcare and translational medicine has patented an innovative, simpler and cheaper method for cryopreserving dental pulp in order to isolate stem cells after cryopreservation. The innovative method is cryopreserving directly the tooth with its dental pulp stem cells. The medical research centre is looking for industrial partners interested in licensing agreement or technical cooperation agreement of the new method.
Adult stem cells are an inexhaustible source of multipotent cells, which can differentiate into various cell lines. Thanks to these properties, adult stem cells can be used in regenerative medicine for various purposes. Dental pulp stem cells (DPSC) can give rise to different cells of mesenchymal origin, such as osteoblasts, adipocytes, chondrocytes and muscle cells. At present, DPSC applications are mainly focused on bone regeneration in dental/maxilla-facial and orthopedic surgery. Current methods for preserving and banking dental pulp stem cells include steps in which DPSC are recovered from tooth, amplified and then stored in liquid nitrogen for further application. The Italian medical research centre has developed a simpler and inexpensive method for cryopreserving a tooth with its dental pulp stem cells. Tooth laser perforation allow to access the root canal without overheating the dental pulp; this step contributes to ensure the integrity of the cryopreserved dental tissue, absence of bacterial contamination and high percentage of stem cells recovery. The cryopreserved dental pulp stem cells are thawed and expanded only when needed. The method ensures excellent results in terms of post-thawing recovery percentages and cells vitality scores, with particular consideration to their proliferative and differentiative capacity. The method is useful for banking teeth and mesenchymal cells from their dental pulp. The method can be used in the field of regenerative medicine on bone regeneration. The Italian medical research centre is looking for industrial partners interested into licensing agreement of the technology or in technical agreement for the co-development and application of the innovative method.
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- Healthcare industrial partner focused in biobanking and regenerative medicine sectors interested in licensing the technology for further commercialization in relevant market.. - Industrial partner or R&D institution for further co-development and new applications of the innovative method.
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Available for demonstration
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Patents granted
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Patent granted in: Europe, USA, Israel.
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