Peruvian company dedicated to the processing and marketing of superfoods, such as golden berry, yacon, lucuma, mango, arracacha and others, seeks distributors in Europe.

A Peruvian company produces superfoods with raw materials that come from native communities, organic farming in fertile and abundant lands. The company produces dehydrated, jams, syrups, powders and nectars. In addition, the processing plant has HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) safety certification. The company seeks distributors in Europe who are looking for new and exotic flavors and healthy ingredients.
A peruvian company started its operations in 2004, with the objective of offering exotic and ethnic products of the biodiversity following the trend of healthy consumption, with social responsibility and care of the environment. In a short time, the company became a pioneer in the cultivation, research and processing of yacon together with golden berry. Their perseverance to publicize their nutritional benefits led them to produce products such as: syrup, yacon powder, jams, nectars and dehydrated. In 2010, with the objective of having quality raw material and promoting other crops native to the area, the company organizes groups of producers from Chachapoyas and the Lambayeque region (Inkahuasi) who maintain their ancestral techniques of organic agriculture. Currently, the company, together with the communities, is working to obtain organic certification and improve the management of organic crops, in order to earn a higher yield and consequently, the producers will be favored in their harvests. Moreover, the company is responsible and committed to the delivery of quality products to the final consumer. Therefore the processing plant has a HACCP safety certification, certified by BUREAU VERITAS. In addition, the next project of the company is the expansion of the plant close to the production of the raw material, strategically located for the benefit of the entire production chain. They are looking for distributors in Europe, who are interested in working with certified products, and who have networks within the industry.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Peruvian company is looking for distributors in Europe for the different products. The purpose is establish a future relationship with companies that can sell/distribute the products offered by the company throughout Europe, marketing organic and organic products that take care of the health of customers to better care for their healthy lifestyle of final consumers, since they look for products with good properties.
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The products offered by the company have a sanitary registry and technical sheet in which the nutritional values are indicated: - golden berry jam (220gr): protein (1.5), fat (0.5), fiber (22.5), carbohydrates (33.5), energy (140 Kcal) - golden berry juice (300ml): protein (0.5), fat (0.5), carbohydrates (4.5), energy (19Kcal) - golden berry Dried (100 gr): protein (9), fat (0.5), fiber (22.5), carbohydrates (57.5), vitamin A (785) - yacon syrup (260 gr): protein (0), fat (0), fiber (0.5), carbohydrates (87.5), energy (342.5Kcal) - yacon juice (300 ml): protein (1.5), fat (0), carbohydrates (37.5), energy (155.5Kcal) - yacon jam (250 gr): protein (1.5), fat (0), fiber (1.5), carbohydrates (37.5), energy (155.5Kcal) - mango dried (200 gr): protein (1.2), fat (20), fiber (1.82), carbohydrates (9.6), energy (24Kcal)
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Already on the market
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