A Polish company specialized in heating system seeks distributors around the world.

A Polish company is a manufacturer of high quality hybrid heating system. Hybrid heating system is a full-fledged, autonomous electric heating system intended for heating of private houses, office flats and other residential premises. It consists of ceramic panels hybrid and autonomous temperature controllers. The company wants to export its products to foreign markets and is looking for distributors around the world.
The company from Malopolska, South of Poland has been present on the market for more than 9 years now. During this time, they have obtained extensive experience which helps them to grow dynamically on the Polish and international markets. Currently the company has reached distribution agreements with companies from the Latvia, Romania, Montenegro, Hungary, Netherlands, Moldavia, Lithuania , and is looking for worldwide expansion. The company’ s offer includes a wide range of products, such as: - A hybrid ceramic heating panel combines two types of heating — infrared and convection. Thereby ideal conditions can be achieved — fast warming of the air and objects in the room. A panel with a temperature of 65-70°C is an effective infrared thermal source operating in the long-wave range of 7-14 μm. Convection heat flow is formed between the wall and the panel, the back side of which is heated to 80-85°C. A high level of thermal efficiency reduces heating costs several times. Effective even heating of the rooms provides the use of low-power panels, which are installed in the greatest heat loss zones. When heating the room with the hybrid system, it is possible to distribute heat sources correctly, in order to avoid the excessively cold or hot zones. - Onyx is a completely new product in the segment of electric heated towel dryers. In addition to the unique design of the object in the interior, it performs two main functions.The first is the drying of towels and other textile products. Reliable to use with strong onyx mounts that can withstand a few wet, heavy towels. The second function is heating. The towel dryer serves as a valuable source of heat for the bathroom. It heats up to 60 degrees and works in the long-wave range of 7-14 μm. The even heating of the onyx surface provides infrared heat flux, which in combination with convection serves as an efficient heat source. The company is looking for distributors for their heating system. Possible partnership type: distribution services agreement to sell its products on international markets.
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The company is looking for international distributors/resellers of heating systems willing to cooperate under a distribution agreement. The SME is looking for partners among: - Distributors, - construction and architectural companies, - Wholesalers. - Designers of passive and energy-saving houses.
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Already on the market
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