A Polish producer of innovative and ecological car accessories is looking for distributors

A Polish company of car accessories is looking for distributors. The company offers innovative ecological products made of recyclable plastic and wood elements. The main products are winter car accessories, brush scrapers, all year products for example car wash brushes, squeegees, sponges, car polishing gloves and quality chamois leather. The company has international experience.
A Polish innovative company of car accessories offers car brushes, car polishing gloves, scrapers, sponges, squeegees and other practical car accessories It is a family business with over 30 years of experience. The company develops continuously its product range and has many products with registered designs. It has a factory and warehouses located in the EU. Clients have the possibility to store ordered products according to forecasts. The product range is presented during specialized automotive fairs in Europe and abroad (Automechanika Shanghai 2018, AAPEX Automotive Aftermarket US Las Vegas 2019, PSI Promotional Product Service Dusseldorf 2019, 2020). It has got a very wide product portfolio: - winter lines: brush-scrapers, scrapers, snow brushes (winter line Nice Touch, Nice Touch SLIM. In the offer there are also innovative lines with ecological products made of recyclable plastic and wood elements with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate: line Futura Nature, Futura Colour). - all year products: car wash brushes, car squeegees, range of interior car cleaning sponges, quality chamois leather, car cleaning & polishing gloves, specialized car brushes, other car accessories. Company has long experience in customized production for export clients. The product can be adapted to customer’s requirements: colour, different bristle types, marking, packing, labelling, flexible price level. The Polish company is looking for new international distributors to expand new markets.
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A Polish innovative and ecological company of car accessories with FSC certificate products is looking for distributors. The company has international experience and now is looking for wholesale trade to the supermarkets, car accessories market, gas station and other. The company is looking for a reliable international partner to expand new markets.
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Already on the market
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Design Rights,Patents granted
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