A Polish software development and software architecture creating company is offering subcontracting and outsourcing services

A Polish IT company is offering advanced software development and software architecture creation services. It offers cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), business analysis and other types of tailor-made software solution to companies from any sector. It is offering its services on a basis of subcontracting and outsourcing agreements.
A start-up company from northern Poland, founded in 2016 has an extensive IT expertise in creating high quality software architecture and software development. Its team has a proven track record of successfully delivered solutions in finances, aviation, banking, healthcare, transportation, telecommunication, logistics, and entertainment fields gained in Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and Poland. It offers solutions in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), business analysis, software development, quality control of code, automation of data processing, template engines, load-balancers, web routers etc. The company offers design of software architecture as it can create large-scale systems based on verified solutions which ensure ease of maintenance. Company's systems are built as a collection of loosely coupled services (microservice architecture) strictly following object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigms, i.e. encapsulation, messaging, and declarative programming. Great majority of the solutions delivered is implemented in Java programming language. The company recommends cloud-based infrastructures, open-source technologies and tools. Each of their products is uniquely identified with domain-driven design to find the best fit to the business domain. Technically this may involve an artificial intelligence approach or business data analysis and processing; implementation can be based on a fuzzy logic or a deterministic algorithms. They have a full understanding of the technical and technological aspects and constantly monitor and examine new trends and ideas. Company's development process offers exceptionally high quality of service with full cost control and customization - knowing client's business processes, it is able to deliver products tailored to clients’ needs. The company is offering outsourcing and subcontracting services in above mentioned fields to foreign partners interested in acquiring advanced software solutions or looking for software development partners.
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The company is willing to cooperate with ambitious partners from different industries that are willing to obtain or develop sophisticated software solutions.
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