Producer of artificial eyes for surgery training purpose and other ophthalmic wetlab training equipment offers distribution agreement

The Austrian SME is looking for worldwide distributors in the healthcare sector to expand their opthtalmic products for eye surgery simulations. One of their core competences is to develop high sophisticated synthetic eyes and equipment for surgery training purposes (wetlabs). Due to the fact, that the custom-tailored and realistic products, especially for different disease patterns, are unique to the market, the partner has the chance to indroduce them as first reseller on the respective market
The Austrian company, founded in 2012, is specialized in producing opthtalmic training products, instruments and equipment suitable for private clinics, hospitals, health centers and wants to expand internationally with its product range: - artificial eyes for operations simulations (as alternitive to porcine eyes) - holding fixture for porcine and artificial eyes - hydrophilic artificial cornea products for training - and other ophthalmic equipment for training All the developed devices comply with European regulations standards and CE marking. The company in particular develops artificial eyes (out of silicon and hydrophilic material ) to train a surgeon in specific manual operation skills.This handcrafted, custom-made and specifically designed product meets the latest requirements in ophthalmology, especially because of the long-term experience and collaboration with medical doctors, universities, trainees and pharmaceutical companies. These realistic synthetic eyes present a suitable alternative to the commonly used porcine eyes. They are available in different designs and applications and are a perfect possibility for surgeons to train their competences and try new surgery methods. Above all, this exceptional product has a range of models for various disease patterns and possible complications during surgeries. The products are already on the market and the Austrian company is interested in setting up a distribution agreement. Especially Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom of Arabia, Asia, Africa and China are countries of particular interest. The company is looking for distributors, which already have the necessary experience and developed a strong distribution network consisting of private clinics, individual physicians, as well as local public and private healthcare institutions and universities. The ideal partner offers relating activities in the field of top-class medical devices, instruments and eqipements. The aim of this distribution service agreement is to expand the distribution network beyond Europe. Especially for Arab clients these artificial eyes represent a suitable alternative to the commonly used porcine eyes due to religious reservations.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Austrian company is particularly looking for distributors and dealers worldwide.The cooperation partner should have demonstrable long-time distribution experience and a network within the field of opthtalmic products. Potential partners are ideally specialized in opthtalmic equipment and hold well-established partnerships to local private clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, universities or research institutes. Therefore, the partner can either be a wholesaler or a retailer, or as well a research institute or a university.The company provides potential partners a trustworthy long-term business cooperation. Above all, the business cooperation offers the distribution partner the possibility of introducing an attractive product range as first reseller in the respective market.
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Already on the market
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