A producer of single-dose unit bottle eye-drops for moisturizing looking for agents, distributors, representatives

An Israeli SME specializes in developing & manufacturing OTC (Over-the-counter) drugs of unique formulations / combinations with an added medical value. They have developed a single-dose unit bottle for eye-drops for moisturizing, lubricating & improving of eye surface hydration. The singledose unit is preservative free, resealable, guarantees sterility up to 12 hours, is suitable for rigid & gas permeable contact lens wearers. Looking for agents, distributors in various countries.
The traditional multi-dose eye drops bottles sometimes let cross contamination happen, they are not so convenient in use and contain preservatives. The company specializing in development & manufacture of unique formulations drugs is offering to market a newly developed eye-drops single-dose Unit (further: Unit). The Unit is obtained in a pre moulded way. It has tamper evident cap, it provides calibrated predetermined drop, it is armed with ophthalmic tip for smooth and safe edges, has guaranteed sterility for 12 hours. The Unit is world new, patent pending. The offered Unit is assumed for people suffering from dry eye syndrome, e.g. sore eyes, fatigue, itchiness, redness, allergy etc. The product is intended to pharmaceutical industry / market. The company is a family owned Israeli pharmaceutical manufacturer engaged and specialized in development, production, distribution and marketing of pharmaceuticals (Rx and OTC), special nutritional supplements and medical devices. Established in 1946. The company uses modern tools and approach in their activity, participates in medical congresses, conventions, exhibitions; advertises in medical journals and websites & possesses its own one. The company is looking for commercial agency & distribution services agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partner sought - representatives, agents, distributors specializing in the field of medical devices - the specific area of activity of the partner - representatives/ distributors / agents of eye-drop units, the tasks to be performed of the partner sought – providing for distribution of the offered singledose unit bottle for eye-drops on the base of commercial agency / distribution services agreements.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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