A producer of wood drying equipment from Serbia seeks distributors

A Serbian company, established in 1991, operates as a manufacturer of measurement and control equipment, industrial equipment, counters and process indicators. The company has been specialised in designing and producing automated wood dryers as well, for which the company seeks partners through distribution agreement.
A Serbian company was founded in 1991 for manufacturing different electronic equipment. The product line consists of a various and numerous devices and equipment. The company can point out aside the analogue controllers a new generation of microprocessor controllers, temperature programmer, controller for servo-controlled systems, probes for temperature and humidity measurement, humidity/ temperature controller and programmer, counters, thermometers, process indicators, transmitters and wood moisture meters. The team consists of experts in field of electronics and mechanical engineering. The company has 50 employees, out of which 90% are engineers with university degree. Clients are companies in the field of wood processing industry from Serbia and the surrounding countries (Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Wood processing in the Balkan region is a highly propulsive activity with a constant annual turnover growth rate of 10% over the past 10 years. The company can manufacture conventional, dehumidifying (condensing) and combined wood drying kilns. Depending on the customer's actual request and need for wood drying, the company makes slight adjustment on their standard equipment in order to provide customers best wood drying possible. All company's dryers are fully automated which means that the customer receives all required technology regarding wood drying. Warranty for the kiln equipment is 1 year (main spare parts included with delivery) and 5 years for automatic control unit that controls the drying process. Potential buyers can decide between dehumidifying, conventional or cheaper mini kiln and the capacity of the timber load can vary from 8 to 120 m3. The company is looking for partners through distributions agreement. The company offers its distributors training and detailed product presentation.Distributors can work on installing and maintaining the installed equipment or that everything is done by the manufacturer. Details about participation in costs and income will be the subject of a special distributions agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: industry Activity: distributors of wood drying kilns Role: It is expected from the partner to have experience in sale of industrial equipment, as well as established network in wood and furniture industry.
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Already on the market
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