The production technology of a new type of antiviral and antibacterial filtering material (sorbent) for use in respirators with replaceable cartridges.

This Ukrainian R&D company has developed a technology for the production of a new antiviral and antibacterial sorbent for respiratory protection, produced on the basis of thermally expanded graphite, instead of the activated carbon used today in manufactured respirators. The company is looking for partners in a joint venture agreement or technical cooperation agreement.
The Ukrainian R&D company established in 2016 is engaged in developing new technologies in the field of ecology, waste management, generate green energy. The company employs scientists from various fields of science with experience in solving technical problems of varying complexity. This Ukrainian company has developed a technology for the production of a new antiviral and antibacterial filtering material (sorbent) for respiratory protection based on thermally expanded graphite. Due to its properties (antiviral, bactericidal, fungicidal properties, ease of regeneration), this sorbent is used in medicine and epidemiological services - in full-face respirators and half masks with replaceable cartridges instead of activated carbon. The new sorbent is much more efficient and economical, it has already shown its undeniable advantages in rescue operations. The term of using a removable cartridge with a sorbent developed by the company is 10-30 times longer than with an activated carbon filter with an equal cost of both materials per unit of production. Moreover, the barrier-sorption (filtering) abilities of the sorbent are 50-80 times higher than that of activated carbon. The bulk density of the new material is 2.5-4.0 kg / m3, the specific surface area is 2400-3600 (m2 / g). These figures are 30-150 kg / m3. and 300-800 m2 / g, respectively In activated carbon. Thermally expanded graphite sorbent according to its physical properties should be produced at the place of its application, it cannot be accumulated and transported. Sorbent production plants are designed for various capacities and can be made by order of consumers, easily and quickly mounted on their production facilities, occupying a minimum of space. The capacity of the installation for the production of sorbent based on thermally expanded graphite from 20 to 500 kg/hour; installation weight from 80 kg to 300 kg; power consumption - up to 1-3 kW h / kg, depending on capacity. The Ukrainian R&D company is looking for partners for the industrial production of equipment for the sorbent production, the creation of service companies for the equipment maintenance, the joint promotion of the product in world markets. The company is interested in creating a joint venture in the EU or technical cooperation agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Role of partner (s) in technical cooperation/partnership is to: - assistance in the certification of equipment and technology in the regions of commercial activity; - carrying out service work or the organization of joint service companies; - warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment; - the supply of consumables and raw materials; - conducting marketing and promotion actions. Joint venture and technical cooperation agreements are sought.
Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Available working units of different capacity for demonstration. Technology is ready for use.
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Patents granted
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