A Qatar based manufacturer of medical syringes, hypodermic needles and intravenous cannulas is looking for distributors, agents and wholesalers

A Qatar based manufacturer is looking for distributors, agents and wholesalers and/or those with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements for medical syringes, hypodermic needles and IV (intravenous) cannulas. The company is looking for commercial agency, distribution and manufacturing agreements.
The company is a leading manufacturer of medical devices in the Middle East. Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, boasts a state of the art production facility designed by reputable innovative technology providers from Germany, Switzerland and Italy all installed in an ISO Class 6 certified clean room using only medical grade materials. The company product range currently carries five product lines. The 1st one is a patented, safety single-use syringe that is going to eventually replace the traditional single use syringes owing to the safety features it offers and other benefits. The 2nd one is a single use syringe developed with top specifications and considerations for very high product quality and patient comfort. The 3rd one is a disposable hypodermic needle made to enhance total patient care through featuring the ultra-sharp stainless steel needle that reduce penetration force required during administration. The 4th one is a single use intravenous cannula designed to accommodate all types of IV therapy. It is built with features and functionality around patient and healthcare provider’s needs and safety. The 5th one is an unibody insulin syringe design combines medical grade components that facilitate crystal clear clarity of materials that complies with ISO 8537 – sterile single use insulin syringe, classified as type 7 & 8 insulin syringes, needle tubing is in accordance with ISO 9626 and needle point in accordance with ISO 7864.It is color coded indicative of insulin strength– U40 insulin is red, U100 insulin is orange, with unique and visible graduation scale according to insulin strength. The company is looking for prospective partners/agents willing to sell/ re-sell or distribute medical syringes, hypodermic needles and IV cannulas and start a mutually beneficial business partnership. Besides, the company is also interested in offering their manufacturing or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services to manufacturers of medical devices.
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The company is looking for distributors/ partners/ trade agents serving the healthcare sector. Distributors, trade agents with links to public tenders for the country’s public and private health sector, pharmacies and other healthcare establishments. And/or, it looks for companies looking for an OEM partner in the medical devices business.
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