Qatari start up specialized in a body posture improving device is looking for trade agents and distributors

This Qatari start-up provides innovative products for healthcare. It has developed recently an innovative product which monitors the body posture position that enhances the lifestyle. The startup is looking for commercial agents and distributors to have the product introduced in smart devices retail shops or platforms.
This Qatari new startup has developed an innovative products to improve and motivate healthy lifestyle standards. They are currently working on developing their first smart wearable device. It is a sleek and simple wearable device designed to help people keep track of their posture. The device acts as a simple reminder that helps the user keep their posture position right. By using sensory technology, the device understands and detects the posture position of an individual. Every time the user is not sitting in a correct position the device vibrates to remind them to fix their posture. This ensures that people are always sitting in an upright posture, significantly reducing the chances of back problems. In view of the above, the company’s products are becoming more and more popular. The product contains intelligent sensors to detect posture position. It uses continuous alert system with no turn off to ensure user returns to right position. It have good battery life, wireless charging support and is light weighted and small designed which is easy to carry. Moreover, the device is linked to an application for complete control to the user over their posture. The application will provide statistics, historical information and coaching training. For instance, it provides information including the time which the user is most prone to slouching, the number of times the user moves out of position and other data to help user manage and control their posture habits. With this device and smart phone application, users are able to quickly assess the gravity of their posture situation and work on fixing and adapting better habits. After completing development, this device is available on online sale on the company website as well as other online marketplaces. In addition, they are already distributing their devices to smart devices retailers in Qatar. They are looking for moving their operations across borders. The company is looking for distribution services agreements, retailing service agreements and trade agency agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Distribution services agreement : Type of partner: company dealing with products targeting markets such as smart devices shops and retailers. Role: the potential partner should maintain national distribution of product. He might use different ways such as: consignment, rent shelves. For the trade agency agreement: The trade agent will be well introduced in retail shops, providers of smart devices, platforms promoting new gadgets and smart devices.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Design Rights
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Private in house research
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