Russian manufacturer of explosion-proof equipment and fire alarm systems is looking for distributors

A Russian production company from the Sverdlovsk region, specializing in the production of explosion-proof thermal casings for detection and tracking systems, as well as explosion-proof manual and multi-range flame detectors and remote start devices, is looking for partners abroad to establish distribution services agreements.
The Russian company from the Sverdlovsk region manufactures and designs a wide range of high-tech and highly efficient explosion-proof multi-range and manual flame detectors, as well as explosion-proof thermal housings for detection and tracking systems. The company was founded in 2000. All equipment is manufactured to high standards, in accordance with the requirements of fire and explosion safety. Devices are tested at each stage of production. The explosion-proof housings reliably protect stationary IP and analog video cameras from unfavorable environmental influences. They provide full dust and moisture resistance of the internal volume and they keep working capacity in the short-term submersible mode (IP68). They work in security video surveillance systems, monitoring of technological processes (industrial television), video fixation. They are designed for open and closed explosive hazardous zones of industrial, extractive enterprises and infrastructure facilities of fuel and energy, chemical, mining, metallurgical, and transport complexes. They are recommended for operation in underground workings of mines, mines, and their ground structures, offshore drilling and production platforms, oil pumping and loading terminals, seaports, oil and gas processing industries, and transport tunnels. Multi-range flame detectors are recommended for operation: - in systems of objects with increased requirements to reliability and the absence of non-standard operations; - in systems of automatic fire fighting and control of engineering equipment; - in heated and unheated closed rooms with a large glazing area, partial wall fencing, without wall fences, and open areas. A modification is available with no false positives in the presence of electric arc and argon welding in the control zone without reducing sensitivity. They are recommended for objects with increased requirements for electro-magnetic compatibility and correspond to 3 groups of rigidity. The response time is set by the user. All models have a self-test function to increase the reliability of the fire alarm system and the ability to reduce the number of flame detectors to protect one zone. The fire detector is manual, explosion-proof, designed for manual activation of the signal "FIRE" in fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing, evacuation, smoke removal, engineering systems. The remote start device is designed for manual activation of fire extinguishing systems, smoke removal, switching on / off automatic mode of operation, dispatching and controlling equipment of engineering systems, building security systems, etc. At the moment, the company employs 45 people. Employees of the enterprise have a wide experience of both scientific and technical, and economic-marketing work in the implementation of high technology projects. There is a staff of designers, a testing laboratory, a testing ground. Within distribution services agreement are necessary partners, any enterprises having a client base on the offered production for sale to her customers. The expected result for the Russian company is an entry into the international market and making a profit, for the international partner is commercial remuneration for the sale of production.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner: SMEs. Field of activity: industrial enterprises and enterprises of housing and communal services; distributors that specialize in the production of fire and security alarm systems. Partner's role: in the framework of distribution services agreement: sale of products to carefully selected clients.
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Already on the market
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All production is available in a warehouse. For serial orders terms of production of devices up to 1 month.
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